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Office of the President

Waves of innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can one person be a part of two different proposals?
Yes, one person may submit more than one proposal and/or be part of multiple collaboration teams.

Q. Can alumni participate in Waves of Innovation?
Alumni are encouraged to participate through collaboration with current students, faculty, or staff.

Q. How much money will be awarded?
Successful Phase I submissions will be eligible to participate in Phase II and will receive grants up to $5,000 to help them prepare a complete proposal for Phase II. Phase II will provide additional funding to facilitate expansion and implementation of selected concepts.

Q. Does the administration have some grand plan here? Any hidden agenda?
This program is open to proposals from faculty, staff, and students from all areas of the University. The administration does not have any "pet projects" or other motives for this program. President Benton believes that the Pepperdine community is a powerful source for improving the operations and developing new ideas, and that the Waves of Innovation program is a good way to move the University forward.

Q. How will proposals be evaluated?
The Waves of Innovation committee will evaluate proposals according to the criteria listed on the website; proposals judged to have the highest potential will be selected for first-round funding.

Q. Do I have to complete the idea I propose by myself?
Absolutely not! First round funding is intended to help launch good ideas, build coalitions, and move projects forward. You do not need to carry the entire burden of your idea and its implementation alone.

More questions? Please call (310) 506-4501 or e-mail