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Office of the Provost


Welcome to the Office of the Provost for Pepperdine University. Many have asked "What is a Provost?" The dictionary would say:

pro-vost n [OE profost & OF provost , fr ML propositus , alter. of praepositus , fr Lat., one in charge, director] 1: the chief dignitary of a collegiate or cathedral chapter 2: the chief magistrate of a Scottish burgh 3: a high-ranking university administrative officer

Provost Rick R. Marrs is the chief academic officer of Pepperdine University and has responsibility, under the President, for the administration, coordination and development of all academic activities and functions of the University. He works with the deans of Pepperdine's five schools on all issues related to the effective planning and management of the university's academic resources. In addition, he is directly responsible for the University's Disability Services Office and the office of the University Chaplain.