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Vehicles displaying a disabled placard or license plate issued by a state government, are authorized to park in a marked disabled parking space.  Vehicles displaying the disabled parking placard may also park in any legal space.  Students with disabled parking placards may contact the Department of Public Safety to enable their ID cards to access all gated parking lots around campus.  Please bring a copy of the placard into the Public Safety office for verification purposes.


The University encourages anyone with a temporary medical condition to obtain a DMV disabled placard. However, in coordination with the Student Disability Services office (DSO), the Department of Public Safety may issue a temporary "medical pass" to students with a valid medical reason, such as using crutches or surgery recovery, for parking inside the various gated parking areas. Students will be asked to complete this form and submit it to the DSO for review. The DSO makes the final determination of any accommodation. This pass does not authorize parking in spaces designated as disabled parking spaces.

Employees or business partners with temporary or permanent medical concerns should seek a DMV disabled placard. The Temporary Medical Pass, referenced above, is only available to students.


If you would like to leave your personal vehicle on campus for an extended period of time you must receive prior approval from the Department of Public Safety. All vehicles must be registered and display a valid parking permit to be elligible for storage on campus. A Vehicle Storage form must be filled out and approved by the department prior to your departure from campus, or the vehicle in question may be relocated or impounded off campus at the owner's expense.


Some employees require authorization to park beyond the scope of their designated parking permit. In this situation, the employee's supervisor may request a dash pass authorizing additional parking privileges. A dash pass is not the appropriate option for an employee that frequently travels throughout campus during the workday or occasionally unloads large items for meetings or events. A dash pass is also not the appropriate option to assist an employee with any medical concern; a DMV issued handicapped placard is the suitable resource in this situation. Unless otherwise specfied, a dash pass does not authorize parking in the following locations:
o Red-curbed fire lanes                o Metered spaces
o Blue-curbed disabled spaces     o Ramp/loading dock areas
o Green-curbed carpool spaces    o Temporary no parking zones
o Yellow-curbed service spaces    o Chapel parking lots

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