Grades (Seaver College Information Only)

Probation and Dismissal

A minimum grade point average of 2.0 ("C") for all college work, for work taken at Seaver College, and for work done in the major(s) is required for the bachelor's degree.  Students falling below a grade point average of 2.0 in either their cumulative college work ("all cum GPA") or work taken at Seaver College ("Pep cum GPA"), or on work done in the major ("major GPA") will be placed on academic probation. Any student who is on probation and (1) shows lack of progress, or (2) has a grade point deficiency which is significantly high, or (3) fails to clear probation within one calendar year is subject to academic dismissal.  Registration will be cancelled for any student who is dismissed after having registered in advance for a subsequent term.

Students receiving veterans' benefits should consult the VA Services section of this website for more important information concerning standards of progress for veterans.

1.  The Credits Committee will not consider readmitting a student for a minimum of one semester.  Dismissed students should complete a full load of substantive academic courses at another school, earning above-average grades.  (NOTE: Students requesting readmission after one term of absence must submit to the Academic Advising Center, a transcript of work completed while dismissed and a Credits Committee petition at least four weeks before the beginning of the new term.)

2.  Students not enrolled at Seaver College for two consecutive semesters must file a re-admit form with the Office of the University Registrar as well as follow the petitioning process outlined in number 1.  Students not enrolled for two academic years must reapply to the Seaver College Office of Admission and enter under current catalog requirements.

Financial Assistance
If you receive financial assistance you must earn a minimum Pepperdine cumulative GPA of 2.0 by the end of your next term and complete a minimum of twelve units during the fall/spring term to continue to receive financial assistance. Students that qualified for financial assistance prior to dismissal may qualify for one semester of aid. Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy at

Incompletes During Probation
All incomplete ("I") grades must be cleared before the end of the grading period for the next term.  Students on academic probation should neither request nor accept incompletes.

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