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Welcome to the Real Estate Operations office at Pepperdine University. Our mission is to provide real estate services to the university community in an environment that achieves operational excellence, superior customer service, and fosters learning and growth. 

Primary services include the acquisition, management, and disposition of real estate for the purpose of increasing the University's endowment as well as oversight of the University's faculty and staff housing community. The Real Estate Operations office maintains asset and property management responsibility for both Pepperdine campus condominium communities, Campus View Condominiums and Campus View II. These subdivisions are comprised of 63 and 56 units respectively. Our in-house managers are responsible for all common area operations including maintenance and fiscal issues.



The Real Estate Operations department, together with the Office of the Provost, provides a variety of programs and information to help eligible Pepperdine faculty and staff make the transition into a new home as smooth as possible.


As a home owner, you are responsible for maintaining the condition of your property. If you take care of things before they become problems, you're more likely to avoid major expenses that can result from negligence.


The resale price of your condominium is tied to an index set forth in the CC&Rs that contemplates that the physical condition of your condominium conforms to a "high standard of habitability and maintenance".


Real Estate Operations provides a variety of other real estate related services as a courtesy. Please use this section to search for off-campus listings or to list your property.

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