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Research at Pepperdine University

Student Research

Washington DC CIA trip photographStudent Research feeds below from Digital Commons and Digital Collections.

Undergraduate Research

Kara Walker's (Re)Presentation of History in the Antebellum South

Author: Kris Harper et al.
Categories: American Art and Architecture, Arts and Humanities, History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology

This project examines the beautiful and controversial artwork of Kara Walker. After close examination, we determined that the artist’s self perception and different power struggles with and relationships to race, emotion, sexuality, and history are all illustrated through the various silhouettes of Kara Walker's creation. In a historical context, Walker ... more

Race Re-Imaged: A Closer Look at the Photography of Ken Gonzales-Day

Author: Jasmine Tall et al.
Categories: Arts and Humanities, Contemporary Art, History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology

Ken Gonzales-Day is a modern-day artist and historian who uses his fields of expertise to convey his message against ignorance, with an emphasis on past and present crimes against forgotten minority groups. Our portfolio covers three specific art forms through which Gonzales-Day expresses his opinions: the Erased Lynchings series, which ... more

A Period of Transition: Early Islamic and Umayyad Coinage

Author: Anna Tiner
Categories: Biblical Studies, History of Religion, Islamic World and Near East History, Other History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology

A study of four coins from 620 to 680 AD provides a meager yet insightful glimpse into the coinage minted by Islamic rulers during their conquest over the Holy Land and the transition of rule from the Byzantine Empire to the Islamic Caliphate. With the help of an innovative technology ... more

Public Opinion towards Bicycle Lanes: The Case of New York

Author: Wil Fisher
Categories: Political Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences

As bicycles gradually become an established form of transportation in the United States, planners and policymakers need new evidence to determine how best to expand bicycle infrastructure. Using logistic regression analysis of 2012 public opinion data from New York City, this article explores the demographics behind support of bicycle lanes. ... more

Finding a Frame that Fits: Analyzing Rival Framing of American Gun Control Policy in 2013

Author: Alexander Booker
Categories: American Politics, Political Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences

This paper uses political framing theory to analyze the messages employed by different gun lobby groups during the early 2013 debate on gun control legislation proposed in the United States Congress. I asked two questions with my research. First, what type of political action frames did gun interest groups use ... more

Graduate Research

Massively multiplayer online games as a sandbox for leadership: the relationship between in and out of game leadership behaviors

Given society's increasingly technology centric play and workplace environment, Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) can be an excellent sandbox to develop future leaders of teams, which are the lifeblood of any organization. MMOs like World of WarCraft provide rich immersive experiences that allow leaders and followers the ability to create ... more

A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of employees who work virtually and their perceptions of leadership behaviors that create a successful virtual organization

Can virtual work simply be described as doing the same work in a different venue? Is the virtual workforce merely a construct of technology? Where does the virtual worker fit into the paradigm of telework? And how does leadership of the virtual workforce need to adapt to accomplishing work in ... more

Individual sense of efficacy, collective teacher efficacy and student achievement in high achieving and low achieving urban public schools

This study investigated the relationship between teachers' individual sense of efficacy, collective teacher efficacy, and student achievement in urban schools. The study surveyed teachers in high performing and low performing elementary schools in a single urban district in Southern California. Statistical analysis was conducted on survey responses from 76 teachers in ... more

Student engagement in an online course and its impact on student success

While much has been written about student engagement and its linkage to positive student outcomes -- such as higher-order thinking, improved grades, and increased retention and graduation rates in traditional settings -- little, if any, research has been done to connect student engagement and online student success. Learning Management Systems ... more

Twenty-one leadership responsibilities and quality management in the context of educational Baldridge systems

This body of work presents the summary of findings; explanation of implications; discussion of conclusions; and recommendations about practice, policy and future research regarding principal leadership in school districts recognized as national Baldrige Award winners. This study widened the scope and definition of quality management in education by dissecting the ... more