Andy's Playlist (Final)

I confess that I left off some pretty special tunes in my first and second recommendations for inspirational road music. I would like to make amends by adding just a few of my latter day favorites as I concluded the 2,400 mile plus journey:

1. "Take it Easy" – Eagles. After actually "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" how could I do less than turn the volume up and let Jackson Browne, Glenn Frey, and the Eagles "loosen my load" for a bit.

2. "Vehicle" – Ides of March. Great tune from the rock ‘n roll enlightenment. A brass section to die for, a lead singer equaled only by David Clayton Thomas of Blood Sweat and Tears, and Jim Peterik, who later co-wrote "Eye of the Tiger" and sang it with the band Survivor.

3. "Born to be Wild" – Steppenwolf. ‚"Get you motor runnin'" – it does just that, every time.

4. "Pretty Woman" – Roy Orbison. The simple drum opening is one of the easiest song identifiers ever heard. I can name that song in two beats, maybe one.

5. Almost anything by Elvis

I tried Dave Matthews and John Mayer, but those guys are thinking too much. I tried a lot of new and nearly-new artists and while I like some of them very much (Rob Thomas comes quickly to mind) I doubt their staying power. To each his (or her) own.

Some of you have inquired about how the car did. The answer, in a word, is "great." When I took off I had 500 miles on the Mustang and by the time I reached Chicago I had 2,500. I changed the oil and prepared for the trip home. Driving at a constant speed going out, I averaged 25.4 miles per gallon. On the 2,460 mile return trip (with more shifting, passing, and grades to address) I was still able to average 23.8 miles per gallon. Overall, after 4,500 miles, I averaged 56 miles per hour and had a flawless driving experience except for one blown speaker that I credit to Elvis during his "thin years." A small price to pay.

I will post one more report after the Route 66 closing event at the pier in Santa Monica this evening.

One Response to "Andy's Playlist (Final)"

  1. Shani Herron Says:

    Andy, you're AWESOME!!!
    Thinking of you and your explorations! Thoroughly enjoying your vision –and your quality handling of this event.
    Congratulations, sir.
    Warmest regards,
    Shani Herron