Andy's Playlist (Updated)

Illinois to Missouri

Expanding on the list of musical artists joining me along the ride, I add Sam Cooke, one of the greatest soul singers who ever lived. I listened to his greatest hits album and was taken back several decades by the hit "You Send Me;" then "Wonderful World," which Peter Noonan and Herman's Hermits covered years later; and finally a song that I think The Beau Brummels covered in the 60s called "Bring It on Home to Me." They are three selections by Sam Cooke for anyone who loves that great era of soul music.

It would be very hard to have a list of top road music selections without including Southern Rock, so I'll add "Sweet Home Alabama," and heaven help me, that rock anthem "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skinner to a list of songs that are good to listen to on high volume while ripping along Route 66.

Van Morrison's daughter Shana is a 1993 Pepperdine alumna, and I was interested to explore Van Morrison's career all the way back to when Van was a lead singer with the group Them. No doubt any garage band in America has played "Gloria" many times. I find today that I enjoy Morrison's more mystical or spiritual phase and I would commend to anyone Van Morrison singing "Into the Mystic" and "A Brand New Day." There's a lot of other great Van Morrison tunes but these are especially good.

Another of my musical heroes is a guy named Bill Bell – William Bell – who did an album titled The Soul of the Bell. The first two cuts are "Everybody Loves a Winner," which I've always loved, and "You Don't Miss Your Water" – probably his greatest hit. Both were recorded after Bell had a pretty good music career and then went into the Army in the early 60s. He returned from the service and continued his career successfully. If you listen very carefully in those albums you'll hear Steve Cropper, Doug Dunn, Issac Hayes, and Booker T. Jones. Anyone who enjoys soul music can't help but marvel at the collective talent, particularly on the first two selections – "Everybody Loves a Winner" and "You Don't Miss Your Water."

Today's selections included influences of country music in the William Bell songs and gospel in the work of everyone's favorite, Sam Cooke. I'm sure I'll move into more rock and roll as the journey continues.

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  1. Doug Hurley Says:


    If you really want to crank it up, I'd suggest another addition that definitely describes you. None other than Steppenwolfe's "Born to Be Wild." Happy Trails!

    Doug H.