Andy's Playlist

  1. "Glad" – Traffic
    Great jazz and rock tune provided by Stevie Winwood and friends. Popular when I was in college. Can't get over it.
  2. "Layla" – Derek and the Dominoes
    Clapton post-Cream and a truly great power ballad of sweeping proportions. Great guitar leads, piano that resets the mood, and rhythms that move me today.
  3. "Route 66″ – John Mayer, Bobby Short, or Asleep at the Wheel
    The anthem of the "mother road" and it doesn't matter which version you prefer. There are a dozen out there.
  4. The musical score from the movie Gettysburg
    A great way to start the day. Evocative music emerging from a movie about the American tragedy that scars our history. Beautiful music frames and jagged story from our past.
  5. "Fanfare for Common Man" – Aaron Copland
    A great way to end the day. I first heard this performed live in London 21 years ago and I fell in love then. Today it is still one of my favorite pieces from an American composer, just next to John Williams in my list of heroes.
  6. "Life Is a Highway" – Rascal Flatts
    Just plain, great music. It's part of the score from Cars and such fun to sing along with on the road.
  7. "America" – Simon and Garfunkel
    I am not so old that I have forgotten what it felt like to be young and searching. This is a wonderful, thoughtful ode to youth and the wonder of wandering toward the future.
  8. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" – Simon and Garfunkel
    Of many songs that I love, this is the one I wish I had written. Simple and beautiful vocally, emotionally, and in its structure.
  9. "Sunshine of Your Love" – Cream
    Can't help it – these three guys (Clapton, Bruce, and Baker) just blew me away when I was young and still do today. This album is filled with great tunes.
  10. "Questions 67 and 68″ – Chicago Transit Authority
    I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but the musical arrangement is spectacular. In the 70s there were a lot of bands who followed Chicago Transit Authority (now just Chicago) but few came close. The lead guitarist was Terry Kath back then, and he was as quick and lyrical on the guitar as anyone else. Too bad the excesses of the age got him. What a loss.

21 Responses to "Andy's Playlist"

  1. Sharon Devol Says:

    I hope you don't mind popping in. As a history buff, I've always wanted to travel the whole route, so I'm looking forward to your reports.

    Interesting list–some titles I know, some I don't, but will check out (thank you, iTunes)! My favorite rendition of Route 66 is by Nat King Cole or Manhattan Transfer.

    Happy cruising!

    (Christopher Parkening's secretary)

  2. Kathy Shores Says:

    Andy, I love your playlist! Enjoy the ride.

  3. Andrea Harris Says:

    Hi, Dr. Benton!

    I would like to recommend another song to add to your playlist:

    "Small Car" by Marvin Pontiac. It is a really strange song, but it might grow on you.

    Marvin Pontiac is a pseudonym for John Lurie, an eclectic artist of various media.

    We miss you and hope you are well!

  4. deek Says:

    if only you had your red 66 mustang, windows down and the 8-track. be careful, brother and see you in OKC.

  5. Joe Munoz Says:

    Would add the following tunes for roadtrips:
    1. That's Just the Way It Is – Bruce Hornsby
    2. Graceland – Paul Simon
    3. Won't Get Fooled Again – The Who
    4. New Sensation – INXS
    5. Dust In The Wind – Kansas

    The first four will get your toes tappin', the last one's good for the flowing fields of wheat and corn.

  6. Joe Loesch Says:

    Andy, Pick up a copy of "Songs From The Mother Road" by The Road Crew at Henry's Rabbit Ranch when you go through Staunton, IL. You won't regret the stop.

  7. Nancy Pippin Says:

    Hey Andy,
    Watch out for that hitchiker who's lookin for a ride in Okie City! I hear he plays a mean blues guitar! If I were with you I'd roll down the windows of that Mustang and crank up a little Earth Wind and Fire "Fantasy" (I know, I'm stuck in the 70's)! Y'all have fun!

  8. Malone Camp Says:

    Very nice playlist. Love the Traffic selection. I would recommend "Send Your Mind" originally by Van Morrison, or as covered by Widespread Panic. Great road trip song, especially as the first track of the day.

    BTW I think what you are doing is a great idea! As a student at Pepperdine, I drove through our great land several times to visit family and friends and believe it is the best way to understand the dynamic nature and people of our country.

    Look forward to reading more and drive safe!

    Malone Camp

  9. Sarah Fisher Says:

    Hi Andy,

    You also can't go wrong with a bit of 70s/80s rock – Bon Jovi (Livin' on a Prayer), Asia (Heat of the Moment) and some Kansas as you drive through Kansas (Carry on My Wayward Son).
    That era of music always makes me think of driving along a wide open road with the windows rolled down. So does anything by Guns n Roses – possibly because of the classic video for November Rain, with the guitar solo outside the remote church in the desert.

    I hope you're having fun on the trip as well as accomplishing your goals for it!


  10. Ed Fredericks Says:

    Hello Andy,

    Great road trip! But you've just got-ta, got-ta, got-ta (my James Brown improv.) bring along the Blues Brothers. Fabulous re-do's of some great R&B tunes. What could be better for the road?

    On a more "mellower" note, Mountain Jam from the Allman Brother's Eat A Peach Album is 20 minutes of nice melodic riff's. Wonderful background music for the open plains.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Ed Fredericks

  11. Justin Edwards Says:

    I wrote a song once about 66 called Mother Road.

    It is available here:

    PS – I used to have Nate's job and could have been on this trip! But I quit to move to Africa to get robbed, build bridges, and make movies.

    Have fun guys!

  12. Jane Morrow Says:

    Greetings, Dr. Benton!

    Have a great trip! What I loved about traveling through our nation:

    - Imagining what it would have been like for the pioneers to be traveling on the route westward.
    - Seeing the sky full of stars at night time (something you don't get to see often in the bay area)
    - Reaching the destination but savoring the journey that lead me there.

    Take care and God speed.

    Warmly ~ Jane

  13. Russ Ray Says:

    Andy, No Roy Orbison? Russ

  14. drtax Says:

    Clapton has a wonderful album – available on iTunes – which has music from all of his incarnations. The depth of his musical abilities is truly awesome. (the Album is called Complete Clapton)
    I agree about Orbison by the way he should be on the list.

  15. Jack Briscoe Says:

    Dear Dr. Benton:
    55 years ago, on the day he graduated from high school in Chickasaw, OK, my father hitchhiked from OKC to LA (never to return to OK until his 25th H.S. reunion). He had no money with which to share gasoline expenses(which was 29 cents per gallon!), offering instead peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which he brought along with him to any kind soul who would take him west along Route 66. Not a single truck or car that gave him a lift was air conditioned and, of course, he had no money to stop to sleep in a motel along the way. And, "iTunes"…I'm not sure they even got AM radio during any of the trip.

    I hope, trust and pray that your trip along Route 66 has a few more "creature comforts" than my father's, however, as you drive, imagine all the lives and stories

  16. Bill Swanson Says:


    We are keeping an eye (one of our satellites)on you from 150 miles up.

    Be safe and I wish I was with you in my 59 Corvette.

    Some day…….


  17. >Maddy Alexander Says:

    Dr. Benton:

    First of all I'd like to say this is a great web site. Fun to look at and easy to use.

    The two songs I would think you would have on this marvelous trip would be "How Great Thou Art" and "America the Beautiful."

    I'm planning on enjoying this trip with you.

    Pepperdine friend,

    Maddy Alexander

  18. Martha Groves Says:

    Oh, my, my, my! I'm playing them all to get the "real feel"! Would add "Amazing Grace" by Lee Ann Rimes.

  19. Bob Beaman Says:

    I'm shocked. An old 50's and 60's guy like you left off the "FAT MAN" Fats Domino. Strawberry Hill and Walking to New Orleans.
    Better yet!! Kansas City by Wilbur Harrison.

    Drive safe and looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Ps….Denise say HI!

  20. Sam Lagana Says:

    Andy – the updates are great! From the Raytheon satellites, I see the weather has been good! I wish to recommend a California based group for some cruisin' songs – "Five for Fighting" – has a number of great songs and two would be excellent – ‘American Town' and ‘Hundred Years' would be enjoyable selections. Safe driving brother! Best to Debby and the travel party! ~Sam

  21. Andy Says:

    How can I argue with any of these great tunes and suggestions? Bottom line: almost anything works when the sun is rising and the road awaits. Play it loud and play it proud! Thanks for the comments.