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Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research 2010


Pepperdine University SCCUR 2010 Planning Committee

Janet Davis, Katy Svennungsen, Kanet Thomas, Thomas Vandergon, Jay Brewster

The Planning Committee would like to acknowledge and thank people in the offices and programs below:

President - Andrew K. Benton

Provost - Darryl L. Tippens

Dean of Seaver College – Rick R. Marrs

Associate Provost for Research and Assistant Dean for Research – Lee B. Kats

Chief Information Officer – Timothy M. Chester

Chairpersons of Academic Divisions – Michael Feltner, Constance R. James, Steven S. Lemley, Cindy Miller-Perrin, Maire Mullins, Philip B. Thomason

University Communications – Matthew Midura, Ed Wheeler, Brett Sizemore, Maz Ameli, Jill McWilliams, Roshie Hu, Audrey Anne DeBord, Mark Giglione, Alan Regan, Kyle A. Dusek, Dean R. Shelton, Chris Stivers,

Registration – Ileana Rizescu, Janet Vobel, Janet Davis, Katy Svennungsen, David Foster,

Room Reservations – Kanet Thomas, Maurine Manning, Jalmes Lockhart

Food Services – Connie Quigley

The Planning Committee recognizes the extensive and careful work done by the abstract reviewers.
C. Ash, F. Ewers, M. Ewers, C. Swift, J. Swift, J. Switkes, B. Taylor, L. Turner, S. Adolph, E. Ambos, P. Dea, S. Shokair, D. Simmons, B. Whitney, B. Taylor.

The Planning Committee thanks our Session Chairs: Carolyn Ash, Constance Fulmer, Wendy Furman-Adams, John Swift, Bill Taylor,

And we thank our Student Volunteers: Caitlin Ishibashi, Candy Hwang, Andrew Dudley, Dan Kaczrowski,