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Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research 2010

for moderators

Dear Moderators in Oral Sessions I and II,

To assist you in presenting or moderating Oral Sessions at SCCUR 2010 on November 20, please click on the Wiki below.  This will allow you to visualize your presentation room and see a listing of equipment available.

Before you click on the Wiki, identify the building name and room number for your presentation by first reviewing the oral sessions schedule at this website. Once in the Wiki, click on "Malibu-Seaver," then your building abbreviation "AC, KSC, PLC, CAC, RAC, PC = Plaza", and room number.

Open Wiki

If you have any questions regarding presentation equipment, building locations, logistics, or room size, please contact our Presentations Services Specialist, Mr. Brian Bowen, at 

Also see Guidelines for Moderators

Steve Davis