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Student Employment

admitted students

Welcome to Pepperdine!


       Congratulations on your acceptance to Pepperdine University!  Many of you may be interested in ways to earn extra-income and meaningful work experience by finding job opportunities on-campus and off-campus at Pepperdine. To begin your journey, see the guidelines and tips below that will help prepare you for finding student employment positions during your time at Pepperdine.

Before You Arrive at Pepperdine

       If you would like to apply for positions on and off-campus at Pepperdine, please be prepared to bring the following items:

  • Have a resumé and a cover letter ready to apply for various on-campus positions.  You can visit the Seaver College Career Center to get advice on how to create a professional resumé and cover letter specific to your desired work industry.                                                                                                                     Click on the following link to learn more: Building A Resume and Cover Letter
  • The Department of Homeland Security states that employers (Pepperdine University) must complete Form I-9 to document verification of the identity and employment authorization of each new employee (potentially you).  Once you have been offered a job and accepted that position on-campus, you would then come to the Student Employment Office to complete Form I-9 and your new student employee paperwork.
  • Student Employment Hire Paperwork includes:
  1. Form I-9: According to page 9 of the Form I-9, these are acceptable document(s) you must bring to complete the Form I-9.  These documents must be original and unexpired. Photocopies are not accepted.                                                                                                                            Click the following link to view the list: Form I-9 Acceptable Documents     
  2. Form W-4
  3. Mandated Reporter Acknowledgement
  4. Confidentiality Agreement

Once You Are at Pepperdine

        During New Student Orientation (NSO), the Student Employment Office will have various workshops where you can learn more about different job opportunities that are on-campus and off-campus.  Our office works with students who have Federal Work-Study awards, Pepperdine Work Program awards, and students who would like to work even if they are not awarded work-study funds. 

         As a newly admitted student to Seaver College, you will gain access to our online job database, CareerSpace, during the week of NSO. For graduate students, please contact the Student Employment office for a current list of job postings and offered services. During your time as a student, CareerSpace will serve as  You can begin applying for jobs on-campus and off-campus as early as NSO week.

Federal Work-Study, Pepperdine Work Program, and Those With No Work-Study Awards:

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is a federally funded financial aid program offered to students who demonstrate a financial need. The Pepperdine Work Program (PWP) is an institutionally-funded work program generally offered to students who demonstrate a financial need. Both of these types of financial assistance awards are determined by the Financial Assistance Office. To qualify for FWS, you must apply for Financial Aid by filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and be offered FWS or PWP as part of your Financial Assistance Award.  

NOTE: Students who have applied for Financial Aid and were not awarded Federal Work-Study may submit the Federal Work-Study Wait List Form and will be awarded if funds remain and the eligibility criteria are met.

  • To find out if you are eligible to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program at Pepperdine, please visit the Financial Assistance Office in Thornton Administration Center on the second floor or call (310) 506-4301. 
  • FWS and PWP positions offer the opportunity to work in various academic, administrative, and recreation-oriented offices. Once you have access during NSO week, please visit CareerSpace to see the current list of jobs that are available through the FWS and PWP Program.
  • Important note: students who have FWS and PWP awarded to them are not guaranteed any positions on-campus. Every student is given the same, equal opportunity to apply for jobs they are eligible for, regardless of their financial awards.  Departments will select the best candidates that suit the positions.

For those with no work-study awards, students may be hired directly by using the department's student salary budget. Departmental positions are available to all currently enrolled students regardless of their financial need.  You can visit the CareerSpace Job Postings website starting NSO week to see what departmentally funded positions are available.