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Pepperdine Volunteer Center

Volunteer Opportunities: Ongoing Programs

Language Connection

WHAT IS LANGUAGE CONNECTION? The Volunteer Center runs the Language Connection Program through the Malibu Labor Exchange. The organization provides a community recognized location where day laborers can meet to search for local jobs and works to prepares those present for future work. The Malibu Labor Exchange is less than a mile from campus.

WHERE DO I FIT IN? The Language Connection Program will give you the opportunity to teach basic conversational English to the day laborers at the Malibu Labor Exchange. This is a great opportunity to serve one of the most underrepresented populations in this country by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to better their situations and that of their families.

You will also get a better understanding of the daily struggles of immigrant workers while building relationships with the people you will serve.

Participants must attend 4 Saturday teaching sessions per semester.

Contact the Pepperdine Volunteer Center at (310) 506-4143 for additional information.