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Pepperdine Volunteer Center

Volunteer Opportunities: Ongoing Programs

School on Wheels

School on Wheels

WHAT IS SCHOOL ON WHEELS? School on Wheels is dedicated to closing educational gaps and providing mentorship and hope to kids in difficult situations on LA's notorious Skid Row. The children served (ages 6-17) live in shelters, group foster homes, vehicles, or on the street. Gaps in their education result from their mobile lifestyle.

WHERE DO I FIT IN? Volunteers work with children whose homelessness prevents them from getting the academic stability and help they so desperately need. The heart of the School on Wheels' programs are the volunteer tutors. Volunteers help homeless youth with their reading and homework assignments as well as serve as mentors and role models.

In order to volunteer for School on Wheels, you must additionally sign up on their website. They will send you an orientation video that needs to be watched before attending the program.

Contact the Pepperdine Volunteer Center at (310) 506-4143 for additional information.