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Pepperdine Volunteer Center

Volunteer Opportunities: Ongoing Programs

Senior Connection

Interested in working with senior citizens?

What about...
Celebrating Holidays and Parties?
Or Playing Board Games?

Make a difference in the life of a senior citizen while having fun and using your talents all at once!

WHAT IS SENIOR CONNECTION? The Volunteer Center runs the Senior Connection program through WISE Adult Day Services, which serves people 50+ who have Alzheimer's Disease or other dementias. At WISE, seniors citizens gather Monday through Friday to spend their time participating in various activities and gatherings with those of their own age.

WHERE DO I FIT IN? Student volunteers are expected to assist in any activities and programs as well as to connect with the seniors on a more personal level. By only committing three hours of time each week, you can change the life of a senior citizen. Every week they look forward to the students return, and the smiles and laughs they bring.

For more information about the services at WISE, please visit their website.

Contact the Pepperdine Volunteer Center at (310) 506-4143 for additional information.