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Step Forward Day 25

Step Forward Day 25

On September 7, 2013, Pepperdine celebrated the 25th year of Step Forward Day. This makes it one of the oldest, most consistent service events in the country. More than 1,600 friends, new and old, took a "step forward" that has led Pepperdine to serve for the rest of the year. Step Forward Day is a simple yet significant way the Pepperdine community is a neighbor and participates in our mission and calling.

Thank You for Taking the First Step Forward

SFD sendoff#sfd25 on Instagram

All parts of the university participated. We had student, staff, faculty, and alumni from all Pepperdine schools participate with Step Forward Day this year. Family and friends also joined us. To those of you who served on September, 7: Thank you.

#sfd25 and #25challenge: Keep Serving

Tell us about what impacted you the most using #sfd25 on social media. Then take the 25 challenge, and keep serving throughout the semester.

Get ready for Step Forward Day 2014

Step Forward Day 2014 will be September 6th. Below is information to help you get ready for it early.

Anticipated Schedule for the Day

7 to 8:30 a.m. Check-in at Smother's parking lot.*
8:30 to Noon Served with community partners across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties
Noon to 3 p.m. Volunteer Fair at Alumni Park with In-N-Out, music, and setting up Waves of Flags, 9/11 memorial.

* Please note: Check-in times will vary depending on location of service. All times are estimates and vary from group to group.


Do you know an organization that Pepperdine should partner with?


If you are already thinking about Step Forward Day 2014 and you know a good potential community partner for us, tell them to call or us. Community Partners can also learn more by visiting the Community Partners section. To avoid confusion, please do not plan a Step Forward Day project in Los Angeles or Ventura Counties without contacting the Volunteer Center.



Contact the : (310) 506-4143.