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Waves of Service

Become a Leader

Are you involved in service? Become a Leader!

Waves of Service Leaders are alumni and those within the Pepperdine community engaged in service, including:

  • Pepperdine Volunteers
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Employees at nonprofit organizations
  • Employees within corporate social responsibility divisions of corporations
  • People in other service careers (e.g. educators, military, social services)

Why become a Waves of Service Leader?

  • Connect your service projects to University events (e.g. Step Forward Day, Freely Give, speakerships, career fairs, Waves of Service events, and more)
  • Network with other alumni, students, and friends of Pepperdine interested in your cause
  • Promote your service activities across the Pepperdine community and broad media channels

Fill out the Become a Leader form to have the Waves of Service office contact you.


Contact Executive Director of Alumni Affairs, Bob Clark: (310) 506-4798