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Waves of Service

waves of service leader Directory

Find a Waves of Service Leader near you!  Waves of Service Leaders are alumni involved in service throughout the world.  They are Pepperdine volunteers, teachers, nonprofit organizations leaders, corporate social responsibility leaders, and others involved in volunteer service.  You can learn about and contact Waves of Service leaders through the Waves of Service Leader Directory. 

To search for a Leader, enter one or more items in the search fields below.  Find them by city and state or by the cause they serve (e.g. children, animals, poverty, etc.).  To browse all Leaders, simply click the Search button on this page.  If you're already a Leader and need to update your directory listing, please fill out the Leader Update Form.  If you're only updating part of your listing, you can just fill out that section and make a note that it's your only update requested. 

Disclaimer:  Pepperdine University does not perform background checks on the organizations listed.  The inclusion of a listing does not constitute Pepperdine's endorsement of an individual, content, viewpoints, policies, or services.
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