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Wavefront - Pepperdine University

Welcome to Wavefront, the official newsletter from the office of the provost at Pepperdine University.

Wavefront serves as a forum for ideas and news that will empower our service and enhance our sense of belonging to a single academic community despite our geographic distribution. The newsletter will appear each semester, with the possibility of greater frequency, as need may arise. We welcome suggestions for future issues and encourage you to send these to provost@pepperdine.edu.

Why "Wavefront"?

As Seaver College physics professor Ken Henisey explains, "Waves come in many forms—sound waves, ocean waves, light waves, and seismic waves, just to name a few; but all waves carry forward both energy and information. Where we observe all the elements of a wave moving together, synchronized, to propagate that energy, we have what we call a wavefront." Certain themes stand out in this definition: waves (of course), energy, information, moving together, and moving forward—a fitting description of Pepperdine's unique mission.