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Social justice leadership: advocating equity, access and opportunity for black students attending urban high-poverty elementary schools

The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore and describe the lived experiences and perspectives of 4 elementary school principals and 4 instructional leaders committed to social justice practices who have improved and sustained grade level performance in reading with Black students for the duration of 3 consecutive ... more

Leadership styles in Saudi Arabian universities: comparison based on educational background

The government of Saudi Arabia has prioritized economic and social development in its ambitious Vision 2030, which was introduced by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Alsaud the Deputy Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The country seeks to diversify its economy and the higher education is ... more

Beyond super heroes and talking animals: social justice in graphic novels in education

The primary goal of this study was to investigate, document, and understand the reasons that educators who use graphic novels in their classrooms choose to use them, rather than traditional text. Secondary goals were to identify the classes they teach, and to identify commonalities and shared best practices. Interviews were ... more

Developing a supplemental resource for trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapist working with black American adolescents

The prevalence of trauma for Black American youth is disproportionate to other cultural groups. Child and adolescent exposure to interpersonal trauma has been found to increase the risk for both immediate and long-term mental health impairment. Research of childhood trauma has made clear the adverse effects of childhood trauma, and ... more

We shall overcome: a phenomenological study of the role academic, social and family factors have on English learners' decision to pursue higher education

The attainment of a college degree has long been a part of the American dream. For the English learner, however, reaching this goal is a task fraught with difficulty. Yet, as the participants in this study demonstrate, it is possible. In this qualitative, phenomenological study of seven current community college ... more