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Graduate Research

Best leadership practices for retaining direct care staff in residential treatment centers

The purpose of this study is to identify best leadership practices in retaining direct-care staff in residential treatment centers. While research exists on employee retention, there is a lack of research focused on employee retention in residential care. How leaders engage with direct-care staff members in residential care can have ... more

Evaluating change in depression and well-being in a multi-ethnic sample receiving services through a community-based outreach and engagement program

The experience of depression and overall well-being for multi-ethnic individuals is influenced by numerous factors including immigration experience, acculturative stress, English language proficiency, perceived discrimination, and ethnic identity. Multi-ethnic individuals are at a heightened risk for mental health difficulties due to limited access to resources within the community and mental ... more

Cyber-harassment in higher education: a study of institutional policies and procedures

Cyberbullying is a growing phenomenon, causing concern among students, parents, and professionals in the educational community. Although no federal law specifically addresses cyber-harassment in higher education, institutions have a legal obligation to address all claims of harassment, regardless of the location or platform in which the harassing behavior occurs. Recent ... more

Organizational success: how the presence of happiness in the workplace affects employee engagement that leads to organizational success

The central focus of this quantitative, correlational study is to examine the relationship between happiness found in the work place and employees’ engagement that leads to organizational success. Employee engagement has been touted as the next frontier that will help organizations to achieve success. This is because passionate employees will ... more

Tinkering in K-12: an exploratory mixed methods study of makerspaces in schools as an application of constructivist learning

Makerspaces have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, resulting in an influx of Maker education in K-12 settings. While Makerspaces have been studied abundantly in museums, libraries, and in after-school programs, little research has been conducted inside the K- 12 school day. The goal of this study is ... more