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Importance of effective leadership for the success of mergers and acquisitions

This study explores the importance of effective leadership on the success of mergers and acquisitions for the organization and employees of merged companies. More precisely, this study addresses how the nature and influence of leadership and leadership styles impact the integration of merging companies and their employees during the post-merger ... more

Developing a racial equity stance: moving philanthropy beyond diversity statements

Over the past several years the national conversation about race, inequality, and power in the United States has grown in both urgency and intensity. In parallel to these social trends, more businesses, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropies are becoming better informed about the role of race and ethnicity in social and ... more

How do highly engaged employees and managers find meaning in their work?

Multiple studies have shown meaning as a driver of employee engagement. The literature indicates that the primary focus of employee engagement research has been on engagement’s performance outcomes rather than on the conditions such as meaning that influence that performance. Along with contributing to the body of engagement research, this ... more

A phenomenological study of certified public accountants' perception of ethics in the accounting profession

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) have been referred as the watchdogs and guardians of integrity of financial markets. The accounting profession has enjoyed a stellar reputation of professional ethics and integrity. However, the reputation of the entire accounting profession, which was once firmly grounded in ethical principles, has been somewhat sullied ... more

Key talent differentiation without utilization of performance ratings at Noble Energy

The main purpose of this study was to determine an innovative approach for identification of key employees at Noble Energy without imposing company-wide performance ratings. The study was designed to answer the following questions: What criteria do Noble Energy leaders use to determine select talent for consideration in talent reviews ... more