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Working towards an inclusive and transparent public planning process in compliance with California's local control funding formula

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) dispensation requires a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) in which the public participates in a Public Planning Process (PPP) with the district. The problem this qualitative phenomenographic study addressed is how the LCAP's omission of a definition for the inclusive and transparent PPP may ... more

The relationship between cognitive moral development and attitudes toward academic cheating of Armenian high school students at an Armenian private school in Southern California

Over the past fifty years, cheating among high school students increased substantially and affected the morale of students (Simha, Armstrong, & Albert, 2012). According to a nationally representative survey of 36,000 U.S. adolescents, some 60% of high school students confessed to cheating on a test during the previous school year, ... more

Best practices in developing global collaborations in education

This purpose of this study was to examine the best practices used by facilitators of global collaborations in education. Four research questions were examined to address this purpose, which included: (a) challenges faced by facilitators in developing online international collaborations in education (b) current strategies used by facilitators in developing ... more

The theory, process, and outcomes of culturally adapted psychotherapy and psychosocial interventions

Massive demographic changes have coincided with rise of the importance of evidence-based treatment among the health sciences and widespread awareness of the failure of psychology to address and serve the mental health needs of historically underrepresented groups. Researchers, theorists, and clinicians demand that empirically supported treatments be adapted to better ... more

Qualitative analysis of emotion regulation as seen in Middle Eastern American psychotherapy clients

Middle Eastern individuals represent a heterogeneous group comprised of different nationalities, languages, and religious identifications. Yet, Middle Eastern Americans are widely underrepresented in the psychotherapy literature. Extant literature appears to focus on professional opinions about what psychotherapists should do when working with this population, including understanding cultural factors, such as ... more