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Undergraduate Research

Graduate Research

Best practices of women leaders in the public sector

Objective: This study sought to determine the best practices of women leaders in the public sector. Methods: This phenomenological study used purposive sampling to identify women leaders and used the interview protocol. Researcher interviewed 8 women leaders from City, State, County, and higher education agencies. Researcher used public open source ... more

The perceived appeal, challenge, and learning choice for gifted and talented students in advanced placement mathematics courses

The Advanced Placement program has undergone many changes since its post Sputnik surge when it was designed to accelerate learners. The number of students enrolled in AP courses has swelled, demographics of participants have diversified, and course curriculums and designs have altered. The homogenous Ivy League bound population of gifted ... more

Agenda-setting for global development: exploring the salience of the sustainable development goals within global news coverage

This study explored the intermedia agenda-setting influence of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals among news media from different types of countries around the world. Differences in news coverage were examined specifically through the lens of a country's status as a donor of development aid or as a recipient of ... more

Norway leads the world in gender equality and work-life balance: a qualitative life course study of Norwegian women

Norway is one of the world's leading countries in gender equality and work-life balance and therefore proves to be an exceptional model for study to improve gender equality and work–life balance around the world (Strømland, 2009). Norway continues to rank top three in the Global Gender Gap Index in addition ... more

#BlackLivesMatter: a mixed methods exploratory study of Tweets and individuals participating in the Black Lives Matter movement

The Black Lives Matter movement is a social movement that seeks to stop the persecution and mistreatment of Black people. The research goal is to explore the Black Lives Matter movement through Twitter (https://twitter.com) posts and participant interviews, using the frameworks of framing and new social movement. Insight on how ... more