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Identifying strategies of culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate instructional practices for African American prekindergarten children through individualized per-service and in-service professional development for early childhood administrators and educators

The purpose of this qualitative research study was to explore how instructors became aware of culturally relevant teaching (CRT) and developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) that support African American students’ academic achievement. The Grounded Theory approach was used to uncover themes from the individual interviews of African American preschool directors, teachers, ... more

Fostering resilience: leader strategies and practices for overcoming adversity in military organizations

The purpose of this research study was to identify leadership strategies and practices for overcoming adversity in military organizations. This entailed determining what challenges military leaders face in implementing practices aimed at fostering resilience in their organizations. Also examined was how military leaders measure success at fostering resilience in their ... more

Student achievement and parental involvement in a private school: grades K-8 learning outcomes

The purpose of this study was twofold: (a) To determine whether there is a relationship between parental involvement and test scores in a K-8 school; and (b) What parental methods and strategies surveyed show an effect on test scores based on research and parental surveys? Approximately 300 parents participated in ... more

Internship directors' perspectives on psychological assessment training: current status and emerging trends

The psychological assessment literature has consistently reflected the importance of psychological assessment competency for professional psychologists across all training and practice settings. Past surveys of pre-doctoral internship directors have highlighted a troublesome misalignment between internship directors’ assessment-related expectations of students and the actual competencies demonstrated by many beginning pre-doctoral psychology ... more

Cultural diversity and ministry leadership: a case study at Pepperdine University

Each person will relate to God in a different way, and God has a unique relationship with each created person. As a result, there is simply no way for ministers to prescribe a panacea for how to conduct ministry. This is complicated even further by the globalized world that Christian ... more