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Firefighter mothers and social support: fighting the fires around work-life balance

This qualitative study focuses on the environment of social support and challenges in seeking work-life balance for firefighters who are mothers. The goal of this research is to create a website that can provide these women with online resources and a community of support to achieve work-life balance. In-depth interviews ... more

Oh, the horror!: an ethical guidebook for pseudo-events and viral horror film marketing

Hollywood is facing more and more challenges when it comes to theater sales. With the growing use of streaming services, people have more options than ever for consuming entertainment. This is especially evident in younger audiences, as the Millennial generation has one of the lowest rates of theater attendance. At ... more

Exploring the peripeteia of Clovis I of the Franks: examining the sincerity of his conversion to Nicene Christianity and its effects on late Antique Gaul

The Gothic sack of Rome on 24 August 410 was perhaps one of the most fateful events in Christian history. Indeed, conceptions of Western-Nicene Christianity were forever altered with Emperor Honorius's (A.D. 384-423) abdication of Rome. Pope St. Innocent I (d. 417 A.D.) filled the vacuum of Roman stewardship thereby ... more

Common strategies and practices among facilitators of innovative thinking in organizations

Innovation is researched significantly throughout academic literature, ranging from leadership to organizational culture, with the aim of understanding how to enable greater creativity. This study attempted to address the knowledge gap on the common strategies of facilitating innovation in a group setting by evaluating this condition through four specific areas: ... more

The ins and outs of celebrity social media advertising: a content analysis of celebrity ad disclosure on Instagram

This quantitative study focuses on the ad disclosure techniques used by celebrity endorsers on Instagram. The goal of this research is to create a website that can serve as an educational resources that social media users can consult to learn more about celebrity paid endorsements on Instagram, along with providing ... more