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Undergraduate Research

Graduate Research

Perceptions of knowledge sharing within hybrid learning environments: as iron sharpens iron among graduate students

Knowledge sharing is an important mechanism for strengthening student learning (Petrides & Nodine, 2003), which pertains to the activities or behaviors involving the spread of knowledge between individuals (Jalal, Toulson, & Tweed, 2010) and the willingness of those individuals to share their knowledge with each other (Gibbert & Krause, 2002). ... more

Examining institutional career preparation: student perceptions of their workplace readiness and the role of the university in student career development

Existing research suggests a misalignment between the preparation offered by higher education and the workplace readiness skills employers are expecting recent graduates to have mastered. Multiple studies completed on the topic of workplace readiness explored the views of employers, while few gathered the perspectives of students or recent graduates. This ... more

Cognitive knowledge, attitude toward science, and skill development in virtual science labratories

The purpose of this quantitative, descriptive, single group, pretest posttest design study was to explore the influence of a Virtual Science Laboratory (VSL) on middle school students’ cognitive knowledge, skill development, and attitudes toward science. This study involved 2 eighth grade Physical Science classrooms at a large urban charter middle ... more

When women win: prominent leadership traits that contributed to the successful election of women in California

This qualitative study identifies prominent leadership traits that contributed to women’s successful election in California. Moreover, this study discovers how intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability contribute to California women’s success. The research design was a qualitative narrative study. Women elected officials in local, state, and federal legislatures in California were ... more

Exploring the relationship of meetings to organizational culture and values

This mixed methods study explored the relationship between organizational culture expressed through values and meeting practices. Three organizations were studied using meeting observations, a staff survey and interviews. The study referenced four conceptual frameworks on the role of meetings in business—that they played a functional role, represented an interruption in ... more