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Undergraduate Research

Graduate Research

An exploratory study of the role of the human resource information system professional

The increasing implementation of technology applications into the workplace has substantiated the need for adept professionals who can manage HR technology for employees and provide data about the organization. For some companies, these professionals are found within the human resources department. These information systems professionals combine HR knowledge and technology ... more

Leading organizational change: a phenomenological study of the nonlinear strategies used by female leaders in global companies

The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to explore the lived experiences of female leaders and their role in using nonlinear models of change to influence organizational change. This study was designed to determine how approaches to change leadership deployed by female leaders contribute new information and principles to ... more

Effective practices oh high school principals' leadership in developing traditionally underrepresented students' higher education and future career readiness

Political initiatives in response to government reports have focused on students’ preparation for higher education and their future careers, and students fall short. School districts and school programs give attention to the application of instructional practices to ensure students’ college and career preparation, providing professional development in various instructional methods ... more

Student transitions into full-time virtual high school setting

Every year, tens of thousands of students transition from middle to high school or from one high school to another. Most of these student transitions are moving from one traditional school to another. This study sought to explore the experience of high school students as they transitioned to their new, ... more

A study on the impact of teacher attitude/efficacy on the use of classroom technology

Increased access to technology has changed the current educational landscape and, will dramatically affect the future of education. These shifts are redefining the roles of educators and require that teachers have the attributes necessary to legitimately incorporate technology into the classroom. The purpose of this study is to examine existing ... more