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Undergraduate and Graduate Presentations, Theses, and Dissertations

Explore, discover, and contribute through diverse research opportunities at Pepperdine. Learn how research can enrich your educational experience.

Student Research feeds below from Digital Commons and Digital Collections.

Undergraduate Research

Charter Schools at an Impasse: Evaluating America’s Charter School System

Author: Katie Pope
Category: Political Science

Through an analysis of resources from the State Departments of Education and state education codes, I argue that levels of state regulation of charter schools differ in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and New York. Specifically, I demonstrate that this regulation can be classified as low, moderate, or high, depending on ... more

Kulia I ka Pono: The Relationship Between Economic Development and Native Hawaiian Culture

Author: Makana Elaban
Category: Political Science

Rhetoric of Conflict Towards A Schmittian Understanding of the Public Sphere

Author: Colin Kubacki
Category: Political Science

“Don’t Cry for Me, International Monetary Fund” How Politicians Sold or Rebuked IMF-Loan Conditions in the 2019 Argentine Presidential Election

Author: Chase Manson
Category: Political Science

This paper examines how politicians sell International Monetary Fund (IMF)-mandated economic reforms as a long term solution to constituents. IMF loans are difficult for citizens in the short term, and Argentina’s 2019 presidential election provides a natural experiment to examine how politicians get voters to accept short term costs for ... more

Surviving a Batterer: An Ideal Policy Approach to Combating Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

Author: Samantha Molisee-Sherman
Category: Political Science

Gender violence has plagued developed and developing societies for centuries, embedded in culture, structures, and ways of life. Women have been seen as pieces of property with no autonomy or individualism, just as extensions of their husbands. My research centers around finding an ideal policy solution to diminish rates of ... more

Graduate Research