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Undergraduate Research

Graduate Research

Shifting personal agency during transition from military to civilian workforce

This study examined US enlisted veterans' personal agency during their transition from the military to civilian workforce. Veterans currently working in a civilian corporate environment were involved: 41 were surveyed, 10 were interviewed, and 80 supplied comments to the researcher's LinkedIn request for responses. Participants were asked to describe their ... more

The impact of online mindfulness based interventions on employee attention and mindfulness levels in the workplace

This mixed methods study examined the impact of an online mindfulness-training program on mindfulness and the attention levels of eight employees working in an organization. All participants showed increased levels of mindfulness at the end of the intervention. The attention levels for participants increase for two of the tree attention ... more

Developing a framework for open innovation

High tech companies face continual pressures to innovate, differentiate, and be first to market. Open innovation allows organizations to focus on their core competencies while developing strategic alliances that create win-win relationships and competitive advantages for all parties involved. However, open innovation introduces certain risks and challenges and a consistent ... more

Integrating competency frameworks and goal setting in an individual development plan process

The purpose of this study was to design an integrated goal and competency framework based individual development plan process. Interviews with eight employees who had been through the process were conducted. Competency frameworks have been shown in existing literature and this study to be an effective tool for leveraging for ... more

Enhancing personal and professional performance within boundaryless work-life contexts

This study examined strategies that seven corporate leaders use to enhance their performance within boundaryless work contexts. Participants described their best and worst days as examples of interrole facilitation and conflict. The behaviors, values, and beliefs underlying interrole facilitation strategies were then deduced. Experiences of interrole facilitation were characterized by ... more