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Award Acceptance

Award or declination notification is normally sent to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP). However, if the notice is sent directly to the Project Director, RSP should be notified. Following receipt of award notification, RSP will review award documents, negotiate any terms of the award which may cause concern, and circulate award documents to obtain appropriate signatures before formally accepting the award. The Project Director will be required to sign the award authorization form as formal acceptance of the award and budget.

Establishing Project Account

RSP will coordinate with the General Accounting Office to establish a university grant account. Funding agency and University policy must be followed to appropriately account for depositing and disbursing award funds.

The Project Director's School/Division Budget Director will be the resource concerning financial details of the account throughout the duration of the grant. A copy of the award document and budget will be sent to the Project Director, Department Chair, Budget Director and Dean with the Notice of Award Memorandum.

Project Directors are encouraged to document any grant reporting deadline reminders in their professional calendar upon receipt of the Notice of Award.

Closing the Award

After the grant period of performance ends, a Grant Completion Checklist will be forwarded to the Project Director for preparation and verification. The final document is to be returned to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for the compliance file and A-133 Audit.

Project Directors are encouraged to contact RSP with any questions or concerns they may have during the administration of the grant.