Procedure for Undergraduate Students

  1. An undergraduate student is eligible to apply for CPT after completing two consecutive semesters of full- time study under the same SEVIS ID number.
  2. Complete the student portion of the Internship Agreement form
  3. Submit an employer offer letter to Ask the employer to use this sample letter.
  4. Once the Seaver Dean's office* has enrolled you into the appropriate class, request a copy of the completed Internship Agreement form to be emailed to
  5. If your CPT is authorized by your DSO and is a paid position, you will be issued an updated I-20 to provide to your employer for payroll purposes. You may pick up the I-20 5 business days after submitting the CPT form, or you may request to have it sent to you by sending us a UPS shipping label via E-ship.
  6. If your internship is a paid position and you do not already have a Social Security Number, please visit the Social Security Administration's website for instructions on how to apply for one.

(*If you are a Communication major, the Communication Division Office Manager will be the last school signature you will need, and s/he will enroll you in the appropriate class. Submit the Internship Agreement packet to after s/he enrolls you.)