Faith in Pepperdine


Faith in Pepperdine provides business, professional, and philanthropic leaders an opportunity to participate in Pepperdine University’s faith-related activities and support its Christian mission.

Our Service To You

  • Art exhibitions
  • Conference/Retreat Facilities
  • Film screenings with visiting film makers
  • Lectureships, conferences, symposia which you can attend
  • Performing arts events
  • Referrals of alumni and students for employment

Our Service To Your Church

  • College admissions and financial aid workshops
  • Dispute resolution
  • Estate planning workshops
  • Guest speakers/Seminar leaders
  • Pulpit supply
  • Student intern

How You Can Serve

  • Donate
  • Mentor undergraduate or graduate students
  • Provide students with internships
  • Refer outstanding speakers for student chapel services and classroom lectures
  • Refer outstanding students for admission
  • Serve on university advisory boards
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