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Chapters and Regional Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chapter?

A chapter is a regional program or club based on geographic locations worldwide that allow alumni, parents and friends to remain close to the University, regardless of their location.

Does every graduate of Pepperdine University automatically become a member of the Alumni Association?

Yes. There are no membership dues to be associated with the Pepperdine University Alumni Association, so take advantage of the vast network of over 80,000 alumni worldwide.

Can people who never attended Pepperdine University join the Alumni Association?

Yes. Alumni Association and chapter activities are open to all those who have a vested interest in the welfare of the University; including alumni, students, parents, family and friends.

Are there membership dues to be a part of a chapter?

No. Chapters do not charge dues or maintain private bank accounts. Chapters charge for special events to cover expenses and pass along any group discounts or special rates on to the guests.

Who can obtain a list of alumni in our area?

Lists are administered through the Alumni Association. Chapter leaders may consult with our staff for the purpose of engaging local alumni.

Who will be invited to chapter events?

E-mail invitations are sent to all alumni, parents and friends in the designated area of the chapter. Event information will also be posted on each chapter Web page.

What is the Chapter Leadership Conference?

The purpose of the Chapter Leadership Conference is to provide chapter leaders with the tools and resources that will further develop them as ambassadors and allow them to fulfill the potential of the chapters. Invitations only to the Chapter Presidents' Council, Chapter Executive Board Members and their families.

What is the Chapter of the Year?

This award is given to the premier Chapter of the year. It is announced during the Chapter Leadership Conference. All votes are cast by the Chapter Presidents' Council after their review of the Annual Reports.

Are University speakers available for chapter events?

Our staff will work with chapter leaders to secure speakers from the University. Potential speakers include the deans, distinguished alumni, published faculty or athletic representatives. If you have a particular request, please contact the Alumni Association as soon as possible. Potential speakers have busy schedules, so our staff will need considerable time to coordinate.

Will the Alumni Association send a representative to chapter events?

Our goal is to visit each alumni chapter at least twice every academic year. Decisions to attend will be made based on the purpose of the event and the number of alumni in attendance.

Can I purchase tickets to athletic events from the Alumni Association?

Contact the Pepperdine Athletics Office to purchase tickets for sporting games. Occasionally, alumni events in conjunction with Pepperdine Athletics include the purchase of group tickets.

Who can I contact at the Alumni Association for more information about Chapters and Regional Programs?

Contact the staff of the Pepperdine University Alumni Association.