A family poses with mascot Willie the Wave - Pepperdine University

"Family Camp takes all of the guess work out of a family vacation while providing an opportunity to meet new friends and learn more about the University. This is my family's favorite summer activity." – David (Summer 2016)

"This has been a great time for me to proudly introduce alma mater to my family, especially to my kids who have had to attend Pepperdine's sports events because of their father's love for Pepperdine." – Christian (Summer 2016)

"Family Camp is a highlight of our family's year, each summer. Our kids adore the counselors and we really enjoy getting to know new families, or reconnect with others from previous summers." – Mike (Summer 2016)

"We really enjoyed getting to know the other families. It's heartwarming to meet like-minded families." – Elle (Summer 2016)

"I would unequivocally recommend the program to anyone, Wave or not." – William (Summer 2015)

"The camp was absolutely fabulous. It was well organized and provided an excellent opportunity for my family to not only spend quality family time together but also to learn more about Pepperdine University." – Tonjanita (Summer 2015)

Overall- great! Staff and personalities offered perfect Pepperdine hospitality." – John (Summer 2015)

"We love family camp! It is fun for all of us. The activities are fantastic, the counselors are amazing, the administration is wonderful and it it great to catch up with friends old and new." – Dawn (Summer 2015) 

"We were able to share our college experience and our connection to Pepperdine with our children in a meaningful way, which we hadn't found a way to do before." – Christa (Summer 2014)

"We will definitely recommend family camp to friends and other alumni. We went home with a renewed love of Pepperdine. Thank you!" – Stacy (Summer 2014)

"Provides a great camp environment for kids to learn how to be social with new people and develop relationships." – Michele (Summer 2014)