Questions & Answers

Question: How do I register?
Answer: Registration is open for summer 2015! Click on the dates below to start your registration. You will be asked to provide information on all individuals whom you will be registering for family camp. Please submit only one registration per family. Once the registration is completed and a payment is made, you will receive an email confirming your reservation. If you have any questions about the registration process or availability, please call the family camp office at 310-506-6602.
  Register For:
Week 1: July 29 - August 2
Week 2: August 5 - August 9
Question: I didn't complete my registration, do I need to start over?
Answer: No, your information is saved in the registration database if you completed the first page of the registration. In order to retrieve your information and complete the registration, click on register and enter in your basic information on the first page. On the second page, select "yes, continue registering using the saved information."
Question: What should I bring to camp?
Answer: Below is a list of additional items, other than standard packing essentials, that you might want to consider bringing to family camp.
-Pool/Beach Towels
-Blankets or Pillows for Additional Comfort
-Hair Dryer & Toiletries
-Walking/Hiking Shoes
-Light Jacket or Sweatshirt for Evening Events
-Pack n' Play or Portable Crib for Toddlers & Infants (rental option available)
Question: What time is check-in and check-out?
Answer: For both Week 1 and Week 2, check-in will be on Wednesday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and check-out will be on Sunday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Early or late arrivals and departures will be accommodated.
Question: Will there be complimentary Wi-Fi?
Answer: Yes, there will be complimentary Wi-Fi in all suites. Participants will also have access to computer stations on campus.
Question: Is there an additional fee for parking?
Answer: No, there will be no additional fee for your family camp parking pass. Participants are not limited to how many cars they would like to bring.
Question: Are meals included?
Answer: Yes, meals are included in the per person rate. Three meals per day are provided from check-in to check-out. Most meals will be served in the Rockwell Dining Center (Waves Café), with the exception of a few catered meals. Meals will cater to most diet preferences. There will be no refunds for meals missed.
Question: I have an infant or toddler, will childcare be available for him/her?
Answer: For the summer of 2015, Kids Camp will be available for children ages 3 to 17. Babysitters are available for children ages 0-2 at an additional cost. Infants and toddlers are welcome to participate in all family activities. If you are bringing a toddler or infant to camp and do not have the ability to bring a portable crib or pack n' play, call the family camp office at 310-506-6602 to make crib rental arrangements.
Question: Is there a teen program?
Answer: Yes, activities are planned specifically for high school students and they will have a blast hanging out in Malibu! The teen group will gather separately from the younger children. They will have their own schedule of activities that focus on outdoor recreation, team building, and having fun.
Question: I don't have children, can I still attend?
Answer: Yes, the Pepperdine Family Camp is open to singles, couples and families. Although the primary focus is on providing an excellent family vacation, singles and couples can still enjoy the accommodations, meals, and planned activities.
Question: Are family members and friends not registered for the program allowed to visit?
Answer: Yes, we do allow visitors to visit during your stay at the Pepperdine Family Camp. If they would like to attend a meal or activity, that can be arranged with the camp director. Visitors are not allowed to stay the night in your on-campus accommodations provided through the Pepperdine Family Camp, unless a prorated rate is paid. The prorated rate includes three meals, camp activities, and overnight accommodations for a 24-hour period for one individual. Contact the office for more information about a prorated stay.
Question: Will this be a "dry" camp experience?
Answer: Yes and no. Pepperdine is a "dry" campus and therefore, there will be no adult activities hosted on campus that include alcohol nor will family camp participants be allowed to bring alcohol on campus. However, there will be optional scheduled activities off campus, such as wine tasting and the adults-only dinner, in which alcohol will be present.