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Welcome to the Pepperdine University Alumni Association website!

When students enter Pepperdine, many of them have a raw passion for something they want to do in the world. They come to this University to gain the right knowledge and abilities, and meet the right people, in an environment that ultimately will propel them forward to exercise their passion and change the world. Our students have compassion and are concerned about the greater good, and I have no doubt that all of our alumni carry forth these same qualities and concerns when they leave Malibu or one of our graduate campuses. Some of the initiatives we support and promote include Waves of Service and Pepperdine Family Camp.

I’m Darren Pitts (GSBM '95) president of the Pepperdine University Alumni Leadership Council (ALC). The ALC is an advisory board to the University, advocating for all alumni and serving as ambassadors of the mission set forth by Mr. Pepperdine over 75 years ago. We share Mr. Pepperdine’s vision of a vibrant community of alumni, connected to each other, mentoring and hiring new grads, supporting the University and most importantly, making a significant contribution in the world.

The Pepperdine alumni network, our alumni association, is over 97,000 alumni strong, with over 30 organized groups in the U.S. and abroad. I encourage you to take advantage of the many programs and services available – career workshops, networking opportunities, and now downloadable seminars available on iTunes University. You can also get connected through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

At the same time, I want to issue a challenge to you to give back where and when you can. There are so many ways to get involved—career mentoring, Waves of Service initiatives, regional social events, and annual giving are just a few of the many opportunities open to you to live a life of purpose, service, and leadership.

I look forward to your participation. There are many ways to give back and connect.

Darren Pitts (GSBM '95)
President, Alumni Leadership Council