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Beyond a worthy cause…changing lives.

S. Keith Hinkle - Pepperdine UniversityS. Keith Hinkle
Senior Vice President for
Advancement and Public Affairs
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What an awesome time for Pepperdine University, and what an auspicious season
for you to be a part of the Pepperdine family.

Consider our historic milestones over the past 12 months:

The academic year 2011–2012 signals 75 years since George Pepperdine opened his college at 79th and Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. I would have loved to have been among the 2,000 gathered in the central quad of those 34 acres to witness the birth of his dream—beneath the lingering clouds of the Great Depression.

The 40th year of our Malibu campus. Like the Los Angeles campus, it opened with unfinished buildings and still-wet sidewalks in 1972, but with hope and optimism for a bright and bountiful future.

The start of President Andrew Benton's second decade as Pepperdine's chief executive. Throughout his 27 years at the University—and as president since 2000—he has pursued his strategic vision for the build-out of our 830-acre Malibu campus, with the needs of students always at the heart of our efforts.

The launch of the Campaign for Pepperdine, our third such initiative and largest to date, with $450 million in student-centered priorities to change the lives of students who in turn will change the world. We are well on our way—six months into the campaign's public phase—with more than $270 million raised and pledged to date.

Campaign Goals - Pepperdine University

InitiativeGoalRaised to Date
Annual Support $48,000,000 $32,625,633
Campus Facilities $150,000,000 $70,963,613
Faculty Support and Academic Programs $170,000,000 $92,336,331
Student Support $82,000,000 $56,833,360
Futures and Expectancies   $20,600,791

These are big-picture milestones at Pepperdine, for certain. As I consider the larger landscape of higher education, our 90,000 graduates around the globe, our permanent presence on four continents, and our universe of supportive friends and potential students, I find myself contemplating Pepperdine's place in the world and just as critically, the value—the worthiness—of our work.

Clearly, when we approach you and others for allegiance and support, we want to be sure that without a doubt, you understand and embrace our cause.

Several years ago in the Chronicle of Higher Education, public opinion analyst Daniel Yankelovich suggested in his article, "Ferment and Change: Higher Education in 2015," that higher education has "too many constituencies to satisfy, too many traditions, too many constraints weighing on it to lend it the Flexibility—or the political will—to adapt rapidly to the outside world."

Challenged by that observation, I believe that Pepperdine University—at this extraordinary moment in history and with its distinctive Christian character faithfully and authentically expressed through our daily work and through the lives of our students and graduates—is indeed a cause worthy of your confidence.

Admittedly, there are times when I am a bit fearful that higher education is no longer considered a worthy cause. At Pepperdine, we strive each day to demonstrate otherwise: that ours is a university where the student, as a person of infinite dignity, is at the heart of all we do; where reason and faith, and where academic excellence and Christian values, reside and thrive. Higher education remains one of the greatest enablers of a productive and upwardly moving citizenry, especially in a languishing economy. If our will be done, we will ensure that every student—undergraduate, graduate, credential seeker, or doctoral candidate—is being prepared to pursue a purposeful life as servant-minded leaders throughout the world.