The Campaign

Enabling the Future

A little more than six months ago we went live with the Campaign for Pepperdine. Nearly 1,000 of Pepperdine's family united at LA Live to launch our grand quest to change lives, and to sustain, in the words of President Benton, "our trajectory of growth." We set our sights on four aspirations, four guideposts, if you will, that would keep us fixed squarely on our goals. In the ensuing six months, we have been supremely encouraged by so many of you who have accepted our invitation to change lives. Let me share some of the good news that has come to Pepperdine as a result of those aspirations during the second half of 2011.

Student Studying

Advance Learning, Knowledge, and Scholarship

I am especially excited about the recent gifts of graduates that are helping us advance knowledge and enrich the classroom experiences of our students. Laure Sudreau-Rippe (JD '97) is the first alumna to endow a chair at the Pepperdine School of Law. Other alumni have stepped forward in recent months to endow a chair in finance; new student scholarships in fine arts, business, and public policy; and student-serving internship programs.

Two sets of Pepperdine parents saw opportunities to enrich the theatre arts experience of undergraduates through scholarships and enhancements to our art studio spaces. Other generous donors have contributed to the dean's excellence funds at our undergraduate and graduate schools.

Bible Lectures

Honor God and Our Heritage of Faith

From support for our Pat and Shirley Boone Center for the Family, to enabling gifts for the University's Center for Faith and Learning and our annual Bible Lectures that bring thousands to Malibu each spring, Pepperdine has welcomed support that is helping to extend our Christian mission within and beyond our campuses.

The dedicated work of the Pepperdine Volunteer Center, Project Serve, Step Forward Day, and a host of service-learning events embraced by our students, extends Mr. Pepperdine's ideal of "a great Christian institution of higher learning in Los Angeles that would serve the world from this cosmopolitan crossroads."

Mullin Town Square

Build Community

Terry and Sharon Mullin are the namesakes of our Mullin Town Square at the center of the Malibu campus. Their dedication to building community has been realized in Phase I of this two-phase project, integrating social and academic venues that converge on the main plaza at the heart of Seaver College. Comfortable and inviting niches to sit, read, relax, study, and socialize—surrounding the iconic fountain in Joslyn Plaza—are enhanced by a shaded courtyard and a picturesque plaza classrooms terrace.

Others have stepped forward to help build community through our future University events center at the top of the campus. We are heartened by early, pacesetting gifts toward the long-planned arena, destined to become the home of the Waves and major sports events, but also the venue for conferences, concerts, and commencement ceremonies.

We are also thankful to donors who have begun to step forward to help us renovate and create our 21st-century "Library of the Future," accomplish a dramatic revitalization of our Odell McConnell Law Center, and support our intercollegiate athletic teams.

Global Service

Respect Diversity and Promote Global Understanding

Herbert and the late Elinor Nootbaar are among our greatest enablers of this campaign aspiration. As benefactors of the Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion, and Ethics, their continuing gifts are transforming the lives of "the least of these" in third world countries through the work of Pepperdine law students and faculty.

We are also gratified by the gifts of alumni in support of our global Waves of Service initiative, which honors Mr. Pepperdine's mandate "to continue the widening waves of good citizenship and Christian influence" through the connected service projects of our graduates locally, nationally, and around the world.

Pepperdine Employees

Giving from the Outside

A wonderful testament to our mission to change lives has been demonstrated by our own Pepperdine family. Months before the campaign's May 2011 public launch, more than 1,100 of our employees made contributions to the University.

The faculty/staff campaign, led by staff and faculty, encouraged outright or payroll-deduction gifts, even estate planning opportunities, and employees were permitted to donate to the University as a whole or to favorite schools, programs, or scholarships. All told, 73 percent of our own family—responsible for impacting student lives on a daily basis—has invested in the University's future and the students we serve.

Step Forward Day

The Act of Being Generous

And so, with you, we face the challenge of meeting our ambitious campaign goals, of increasing our margin of excellence, to make possible an incomparable environment for learning, living, and personal growth for our students.

In his book, Being Generous, Theodore Malloch asks the provocative question, "How should we live?" Malloch suggests that the concept of giving selflessly to others lies at the heart of what it means to be a thoughtful and moral human being.

Pepperdine has its own compass point to answer Malloch's question. It is found in the motto in scripture, chosen by our founder, to define his hopes for all who would study and teach at his college. In "Freely ye receive, freely give," we find our calling, our worthiness, to positively change the life of each student in ways that are deep, wide, and everlasting.

All of us at Pepperdine are grateful for your partnership—and your enabling gifts—toward our worthy cause.

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Marylyn M. Warren and Glen Holden

Volunteer Chairs

Marylyn M. Warren ('58)
Senior Vice President, Retired
Member, Board of Regents

Glen Holden
Former Ambassador to Jamaica
Member, Board of Regents

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Campaign Leadership Team

  1. S. Keith Hinkle
  2. Louis Drobnick
  3. John Miller
  4. Claudia Arnold Preston
  5. Stephanie Buckley
  6. Ronald Phillips
  7. Sara Jackson
  8. Michael Warder
  9. Thomas Caldwell
  10. Cynthia Ware
  11. Deirdre Shipstead
  12. Christine Bishop
  13. Sheila King
  14. Giuseppe Nespoli
  15. Nicole Ashby
  16. Heidi Bernard
  17. Karin Taylor
  18. Kimberly Barkis
  19. Curt Portzel
  20. Dawn Pettersen
  21. Mathew MacDonell
  22. Kay Rosen
  23. Greg Cornell
  24. Samuel Lagana
  25. Wesley Patterson
  26. Not pictured:
  27. Kelly Herman
  28. Stacy Taylor

Campaign Leadership Team
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