Message from the Chair - 2011

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Though many things inspire me about Pepperdine University, the students and the alumni top the list. Bright and energetic people come to Pepperdine thoughtful, hopeful, and eager to engage the world. Through rigorous courses taught by world-class scholars and mentors and through cocurricular activities that challenge the mind, body, and soul, students encounter a wondrous moment when they become something greater than they ever imagined. Their lives have been changed.

When someone asks, "What is Pepperdine? What does it do? Why does it matter?" I respond simply and with conviction: "Pepperdine changes lives." That may seem like a soft answer to some, but the deep and profound changes that are made in the lives of students are greatly multiplied as each student engages a competitive world filled with almost overwhelming challenges. Some emerge from Pepperdine ready to take on high-profile leadership roles while others serve quietly and behind the scenes. Either way, they serve, support, create value, and otherwise make wonderful and consequential contributions to society with conviction and integrity. Pepperdine changes the lives of its students and, through them, the lives of many more.

This mission to bring positive change to the world through waves upon waves of alumni is worthy of our support. I commend President Benton, his leadership team, and the campaign chairs of the recently launched Campaign for Pepperdine: Changing Lives, for their vision and courage to launch a bold and positive campaign in such difficult times. They could have easily chosen to defer the campaign until the return of a temperate economy; but this work could not wait for the storm clouds to clear. Pepperdine is an emerging university outperforming many older and financially stronger universities. It must continue to build momentum.

That is why I am personally committed to this effort. Through this campaign, the largest in Pepperdine's history, the University intends to complete the work of the pioneering generation that came before and to set the stage for the emerging generation of students and faculty to come. Through this campaign, Pepperdine will secure its mission and strengthen the foundation for changing the lives of tens of thousands of future Waves. The year 2011 was a milestone as we launched this historic effort to win the future for our students and the countless thousands they will serve. I am grateful to you for joining us on this journey.

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