Message from the President - 2011

Andrew K. BentonAndrew K. Benton
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There are many currents that flow through the emerging Pepperdine story. Some propel us, some hinder, some are invited, and others are not, but each shapes the journey. As I consider the first 75 years of our history, I see that it has always been so. Challenges and opportunities almost always accompany one another.

Only a generation ago George Pepperdine College was struggling to keep its doors open. With the loss of Mr. Pepperdine's personal fortune, which had sustained operations during its early years, many doubted the college could remain open. Crisis turned to triumph as Pepperdine leaders found new currents to propel the college through uncharted waters, which resulted in university status and the move to Malibu.

Thankfully, we do not face a crisis as our predecessors did, but we do live in challenging times. It has never been more important for Pepperdine to enter its future having effectively prepared for many possibilities.

To start the process, in 2010, I reaffirmed five foundational goals for Pepperdine's future in a document called Boundless Horizons. These five goals, which we revisit in this annual report, became the basis of lively discussion and strategic planning and eventually gave rise to an exciting vision that positions Pepperdine as a preeminent, global, Christian university.

Designed to meet the challenges presented in the strategic plan, the Campaign for Pepperdine was launched last May. It is my hope that this vision of our future, based on our mission, made functional through the strategic plan, and energized by the Campaign for Pepperdine, will provide the Pepperdine community all that it needs to reach new heights in the next stage of its journey. The challenge is especially great given the unyielding nature of global problems, but opportunities to meet the challenge are presenting themselves every day.

Many currents propel us forward, but none more powerfully than your friendship. Thank you for your support and encouragement in the year now ending. I invite you to continue with us along this marvelous journey as Pepperdine seeks to fulfill its mission.

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