S. Keith Hinkle

Message from the 75th Anniversary Chair

Trends for Transformation

It's been a big year for Pepperdine. We've taken 12 months to celebrate our first 75 years, reflecting on the struggle and success that have created our story over seven and a half decades. On several recent occasions, I have paused to ask the question, "What would George think if he could see us now?"

Times have certainly changed since our founder last saw his beloved academy in 1962. Since then we have transitioned from college to university, moved from Los Angeles to Malibu, and we've become a University at the forefront of higher education—creating campuses and community for the 21st century.

As the University grew out of the post-war golden age of higher education, Pepperdine was decades ahead of the trend in globalization, starting nearly 50 years ago with our first campus overseas. Today our six international campuses provide a global learning environment that has become invaluable for students entering today's workforce.

In Malibu and across our Southern California campuses, we are creating an academic enterprise that thrives on technical and information literacy. We've developed long-term strategies that incorporate the newest technological innovations for faculty teaching, and we're deploying methods that give students superior access to research and information.

And as the University's campus footprint grows, we'll lead the trend to redefine and reimagine how all of our spaces are designed, built, and used—forging ahead with plans for campus commons areas and pedagogical centers that will usher in an evolution of teaching, learning, and collaboration for this generation and those that follow.

As we advance our Campaign for Pepperdine forward and anticipate its impact on these endeavors and more, I think Mr. Pepperdine would be proud … of the brand we've built, the culture we've created, the friends we've found, and the purpose we've pronounced. In just a few decades, Pepperdine has grown from an ennobled institution, sustained by the dream of our founder, to a world-class university, transformed unequivocally by 75 years of friends like you.

S. Keith Hinkle's Signature

S. Keith Hinkle (JD '97)
Senior Vice President for Advancement and Public Affairs and Chief Development Officer