Edwin L. Biggers


Message from
the Chair

Changing lives. We have heard the theme often in the last several years, providing clear purpose to our efforts in the Campaign for Pepperdine. As I review successes of 2013, I know our University leaders, donors, friends, faculty, and staff, are doing just that. Thanks to the more than $400 million raised toward our $450 million campaign goal, we are creating a new generation of alumni that is boldly taking its quest for knowledge and passion for service to soaring new heights.

Indeed, “changing lives” is much more than a turn of phrase—it’s inspiration driving action. In 2013, for example, we added millions of dollars in scholarship funding across our five schools, received a transformative commitment to endow the Center for the Arts, and further developed new programming and assets in our University Libraries. We also received resources for faculty chairs and professorships, and we continued enhancements to campus facilities at home and abroad, including plans for a much-needed remodel to Moore Haus, our international campus in Heidelberg.

By investing in our campaign priorities, which represent some of Pepperdine’s most invigorating opportunities, donors and friends quietly and nobly build momentum that is powerful and everlasting. As communities of the world face seemingly insurmountable challenges, students and alumni, empowered by Pepperdine’s mission, are shining light in every corner of the globe, effecting real change with compassion and conviction. Every dollar has made a difference.

We who serve on the Board of Regents share a deep sense of pride for all that we have accomplished and will continue to pursue through this monumental campaign. As Pepperdine uses it to broaden its trajectory and embrace new possibilities in higher education, we are deeply grateful. Thank you for the role you play in the success of Pepperdine University.


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Edwin L. Biggers
Chair, Board of Regents