Pepperdine University President's Report 2015

Student's journey

Navigating the
Hero's Journey


We are especially dedicated to a greater goal—that of building in the student a Christ-like life, a love for the church, and a passion for the souls of mankind.

In our scholarly, spiritually vibrant environment that comprises Pepperdine University, students are ignited with a passion to live to their fullest capacity.

Their journeys begin with a powerful sense of calling on their lives, combined with a growing determination to understand their life's purpose and to discover that distinctive place where their unique gifts and desires meet the world's greatest needs.

For nearly 80 years, that noble calling has drawn exceptional men and women to Pepperdine, not surprisingly, because driven, talented students know that here they can draw upon unsurpassed resources for rigorous scholarship and the caring guidance of faculty-mentors who inspire them to academic and vocational achievements of great consequence.

Their education is enriched by Pepperdine University's embrace of the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian faith, a synthesis that generates rich dialogue between reason and faith across the disciplines. This dynamic learning environment creates an invaluable incubator for fostering intellectual growth, self-discovery, and authentic faith formation. It is in this rare environment that Christian education flourishes and real transformation happens.

Years ago our founder, George Pepperdine, answered his own call of destiny by creating a college that would provide the best education possible and emphasize God's loving aims for our hurting world. Today as much as ever, Pepperdine University embraces that vision and fulfills those dreams in an environment where students learn with wonder, love with an open heart, lead with conviction, and live with a sense of purpose.