President Benton


President's Message


I promise.

This simple sentence, whether whispered by sweethearts or shouted by politicians, stirs something deep within our soul. We can't help but pause when we hear these words because we know that either way, if the promise is true or turns out to be false, the sentence has the power to either create or destroy trust.

Over the past 15 years since delivering my inaugural address, entitled "Promises to Keep" I have thought about the promise of Pepperdine every day. The promises made by our founder, the promises made to our students, the promises made to our alumni and friends, and promises made to our community—these are all promises we must keep.

Although daily duties, multiple meetings, and an endless pipeline of e-mails demand that I focus my attention on the urgent moment before me, I always set aside time to reflect upon Pepperdine's mission. Have we been true to the mission? How do we know? Measuring institutional performance is necessary and the foundation for good stewardship of the resources with which we have been entrusted. Measuring the strength of the mission is of paramount importance as we seek to be both true and competitive.

It is my hope that this President's Report will blend both an assessment of institutional performance and the strength of the mission in a fresh and readable way. While the numbers are important, the stories behind the numbers provide the best evidence that Pepperdine is strong and that its mission is truly preparing students to be inspired and productive in a complex and competitive world.


Andrew K. Benton

Andrew K. Benton