Pepperdine University President's Report 2016

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From the Chair

For nearly 80 years, Pepperdine University has emphatically demonstrated its mission and vision by embracing diversity and welcoming members of all groups to join its ever-growing community.

It's an important distinctive in Christian higher education as historic denominational lines have today become increasingly blurred. Young people, including our own incoming classes of undergraduate and graduate students, are in search of clarity, relevance, authenticity, and mentorship. As the religious landscape changes around us, so do the visions of the values and purpose of faith-based higher education. Students are hungry for more in their spiritual lives and in the education communities where they seek to find a sense of belonging.

Throughout the decades, and in every single one of the University's national and international campuses, Pepperdine has opened its doors to students from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds, faculty who represent a vast array of traditional and modern cultures, and staff members who have been called to serve here from all over the world.

Seizing the opportunity to educate and nurture this unique student body has also allowed the University's administrative teams to further expand their knowledge of the innovative movements and inspirational concepts that are only present in a truly diverse atmosphere.

Pepperdine is, indeed, a place of inclusion and compassion, reverence and tolerance, and most importantly, diversity and unity—all of which we must continuously and tirelessly pursue in order to bring about healing and achieve restoration throughout our community.

As we contemplate this academic year and the many to come, let us always share the love of Christ with one another—and to remember that there is room for everyone around the open table, forever established among Pepperdine classmates, colleagues, alumni, and friends.


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EDWIN L. BIGGERS Chair, Board of Regents