Students looking through a microscope


At Pepperdine, we believe that our path toward the exploration of truth is not only an intellectual assignment, but a fundamental responsibility that we have been called to fulfill throughout our lifetime. This pursuit of truth is in direct response to the continual call from God to seek out wisdom and knowledge while opening ourselves to new information that will draw us even closer to him.

We are invited to a life of inquiry and knowledge-gathering that promotes new and profound levels of understanding—often beyond what we originally sought, expected, or even believed possible. As we draw connections between unlikely concepts and forge bonds with members of varying and often unrelated fields, our discoveries grant us opportunities to demonstrate deeper compassion and exercise thoughtful consideration. In the academy, as in industry, innovation and evolution of thought are the markers of progress essential to survival. Together, we examine and we experiment, challenging and supporting one another in our quest to discover the endless array of truth around us. Sacrificing neither our faith heritage nor our commitment to superior scholarship, this voracious curiosity emboldens us to navigate new territories, disrupt established thought, and become impactful agents of change.


SEER Symposium

THE SIXTH ANNUAL SEER SYMPOSIUM, "THE RECIPE FOR INNOVATION," challenged attendees to change the ways they think about food, energy, fashion, economic opportunity, and sustainability. With an interactive format that encouraged participation from an audience of graduate business students and business leaders, this gathering invited industry leaders from Clean Energy Renewable Fuels; Defy Ventures, Inc.; Honeywell International, Inc.; Honest Tea; and Whole Foods Market.

Renovated library stacks

THE NEWLY IMAGINED, STATE-OF-THE-ART PAYSON LIBRARY, revealed this September in a grand reopening celebration, features open and collaborative study spaces, a seamless technology-rich environment, and a new special collections wing. The Payson Library transformation will continue to provide a global gateway to knowledge, serving the diverse and changing needs of the learning community through special collections, speaker series, and digital makerspaces that offer cutting-edge tools like 3D printers and virtual reality gear that will enhance the educational experience.

Robert Woodcock

ROBERT WOODCOCK, THE FIRST-EVER SPIRITUAL LIFE OFFICER AT THE GRAZIADIO SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT, brings with him more than 25 years of experience transforming people's spiritual outlooks. After working extensively with Christians, people of other religions, and those unaffiliated with any particular faith, his vision for Pepperdine is to introduce students, staff, and faculty to spiritually transformative approaches to business, life, leadership, and work.

"Students come here to develop social, financial, and emotional capital, but what about spiritual capital?" he implores. "Where will they draw from when they're alone and have to make decisions? We [encourage] Christians, as well as people of different faiths, to reflect upon these concepts, some for the first time, at the beginning of their education at a great business school."

Pepperdine #46 Best National Universities

Pepperdine advances four spots in the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings as one of America's "Best National Universities."

The Next Wave in Digital Entertainment - YouTube Space, Los Angeles

THE INSTITUTE FOR ENTERTAINMENT, MEDIA, AND CULTURE HOSTED "THE NEXT WAVE IN DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT" SYMPOSIUM at YouTube Space in Los Angeles in March. In partnership with Pepperdine Alumni Affairs, this educational evening featured a distinguished panel of Pepperdine alumni and industry leaders who examined the latest advancements in digital entertainment from film and animation to gaming and virtual reality.