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As an institution fearless in its investigation of matters of mind, heart, and soul, we implore every member of our distinguished campus community to purposefully develop, nurture, and satisfy their intellectual curiosity. A passion for inquiry is an essential and enduring component of our institutional ethos, giving us permission to think more creatively, challenging us to communicate more effectively, and rewarding us with the confidence to forge our own destiny.

The journey never ends. Paths diverge, plans change, we fail and succeed, and the quest evolves in unpredictable ways. Our pedagogical charge must be to advance the intellectual quest in order to expose a new generation of inquisitive minds to never-before-explored concepts and questions—just as we have, time and again, been inspired to build upon the trailblazing discoveries of those before us.


Pepperdine men's basketball player volunteering

PEPPERDINE ATHLETICS AND THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION (AHA) TEAMED UP to inspire more than 400 elementary school students to stay healthy and keep moving at Charnock Road Elementary School in Los Angeles on October 18. The event, Jump Rope For Heart, kicked off the second year of Pepperdine's partnership with the AHA. In addition to an assembly designed to motivate students to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more often, and opt for water instead of sugary beverages, the Pepperdine men's basketball team spoke to students about the collegiate athlete experience and the importance of making healthy choices.

"The event was a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the youth in our community," said Pepperdine basketball forward Nolan Taylor. "As athletes, it is imperative that we help the youth understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. It was so rewarding putting a smile on these children's faces while teaching and playing the sport we love with them."

portrait of Kimmons

THE PEPPERDINE COMMUNITY GATHERED AT PAYSON LIBRARY ON SEPTEMBER 20 TO HONOR LARRY DONNELL KIMMONS, who, on March 12, 1969, was fatally shot at age 15 by chief security guard William Charles "Charlie" Lane on the George Pepperdine College campus. Kimmons, a junior varsity basketball captain at nearby Washington High School, often visited the South Los Angeles campus with friends after school to practice in the gymnasium.

Attendees witnessed the rededication of a refurbished portrait of Kimmons first commissioned in 1971 and heard from various members of the Pepperdine community who reflected on the magnitude of the event. Speakers included David Humphrey, associate dean of student affairs for diversity and inclusion; Tabatha Jones Jolivet ('97, MA '03), former Pepperdine associate vice president and Title IX coordinator for students; Candace Jones Mitchell ('99, MA '03), a former Pepperdine professor who dedicated her master's thesis to Kimmons; Eric Wilson, Pepperdine associate chaplain; Rod Wright ('73), Kimmons' childhood friend; and President Andrew K. Benton, who closed the service with prayer. Seaver College students also read statements written by George Pepperdine College alumni who were students at the time of the incident.

$860,311,000 - The University's FY17 Endowment Funds (Unaudited)

The University's FY17 Endowment Funds (Unaudited)

Paul Caron

PAUL L. CARON WAS NAMED THE DUANE AND KELLY ROBERTS DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF LAW. Caron, who previously served as associate dean for research and faculty development and professor of law at the School of Law, is a widely respected expert in tax law, has written over 50 books and scholarly articles, and is the publisher and editor of TaxProf Blog, the most popular tax blog on the Internet. He is also the owner and publisher of the Law Professor Blogs Network of more than 50 blogs in other areas of law edited by law professors around the country. "I look forward to... advanc[ing] Pepperdine's unique position in legal education by combining academic and research excellence with a deep-rooted commitment to our Christian mission that welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds," said Caron.

Michael Burton

Seaver College alumnus Michael Burton ('17) was selected as one of 10 Lilly Graduate Fellows. The Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts seeks to strengthen the quality and shape the character of church-related institutions of higher learning.

3,070 participants of Give2Pepp

Number of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends who contributed to the success of Give2Pepp, Pepperdine's first-annual Giving Day.

The National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation presented Pepperdine with a $1.72 million award to establish an international network of Makerspace Clubs. American Makerspace teams partnered with fellow student makers in Finland, Kenya, and Namibia as part of the Informal Learning Project.