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From the tallest mountain to the smallest ember, each member of the Pepperdine community is called to seek knowledge, wisdom, and love in all pursuits. This charge, a declaration that is so uniquely Pepperdine, steeps within every member of the University community and sparks the exploration of life's most important questions in a place that honors the interplay between spirit and scholarship.

This community of scholars and believers that comes together in fellowship and engages in the sharing and exchange of views is on a quest, not for the "what," but for the "why." What they actually seek is the search—an enduring journey to finding and following their guiding light so they may illuminate the path for others. On this journey they are invited—and urged—to seek other seekers. To find those who have crossed the threshold between the world they know and the one they have yet to discover and offer their wisdom by saying, "Here it is. Take it. Use it. Share it."

We have all been invited to pursue this journey, one that is rife with tests of courage and character. Neither jaunt nor contest, the third way presents a path to the ones who reject well-worn trails and traverse uncommon terrain, those who make a bold attempt at activating a spirit of inquiry and acknowledge that the journey may be fruitful but never fully understood.

This quest requires a discomfort that is crucial in revealing one's life purpose and launching a productive progression toward becoming a fully realized human—one who holds in high esteem the ideals set forth by generations of leaders who have come before them. Ideals that have encouraged them not to be pushed one way or the other by rhetoric or fear or the sheer volume of prevailing noise. Ideals that embolden them to choose the path of goodness, kindness, justice, and love for one another so that together they may break open the mysteries that unite them and break through the barriers that divide them as they forge ahead with one charge in mind: for community, for humanity, for the world.

Pepperdine Graziadio 50th Anniversary logo

The Graziadio School of Business and Management was renamed the Graziadio Business School, a shift that more accurately captures the school's efforts under one banner with a unified vision for the future.

"One of my goals when I first became dean was to advance our clarity of purpose and sense of mission," said dean Deryck J. van Rensburg. "Today we are observing an important milestone in renaming our school Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. In doing so, we are also building on 50 years of values-based education, preparing students to be Best for the World Leaders in a smart machine age."


Number of students awarded Fulbright Scholarships in 2018

Students in San Francisco

Seaver College sophomores traveled to San Francisco in January to explore some of the most memorable and impactful social justice movements of modern history. David Humphrey, associate dean of student affairs for diversity and inclusion, along with 16 faculty and staff members, led the students on the life-changing weekend trip.

Part of the Year 2 Sophomore program offered to students not traveling abroad, the trip emphasized the importance of precedent in framing ongoing social and political issues and developing new strategies for addressing the injustices currently impacting various communities. It also engaged students in an exploration of the actions they can take to serve others.

Nearly 240 Military Veterans

Nearly 240 Military Veterans are currently enrolled at Pepperdine in pursuit of completing or advancing their education.

80% of current student veterans

80% of current student veterans attend Pepperdine tuition-free thanks to the Yellow Ribbon Program.


#20 Best Colleges for Veterans (U.S. News & World Report, 2019)

Smith Atrium - Lower Level

The Henry J. and Gloria Caruso Auditorium and Lon V. Smith Atrium at the School of Law were officially rededicated on September 6, 2018, following extensive renovations to both spaces. The new Hugh & Hazel Darling Foundation Grand Staircase was also unveiled during the ceremony.

Integrating seamless technology and interactive student space at the heart of the School of Law, the refurbishments will serve 21st-century law students through increased functionality and an elevated sense of community.

Seeing the completed renovation for the first time, the Honorable James Hahn ('72, JD '75) noted, "It makes me proud to have a Pepperdine degree when I come to a place like this."

#1 Doctoral Program

#1 Doctoral Program: Graduate School of Education and Psychology Organizational Leadership EdD Program
2017 Leadership Excellence Awards

Pepperdine campus

All Pepperdine campuses are now 100 percent smoke-free. This new policy, approved by the University Management Committee, applies to all domestic and international campuses.

"This change in practice is a reflection of the care and concern many in our University have brought forward regarding the health of our community members as well as stewardship of our environment," said Lauren Cosentino ('97, MBA '12), chief human resources officer and associate vice president of campus operations. "I'm especially appreciative of the way in which Pepperdine has approached this change with sensitivity to those who will be personally impacted. Becoming smoke-free is another example of Pepperdine thoughtfully considering the well-being of our community while also providing care and support for each individual."