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Pepperdine Restoration Plan

Cleaning Plan

University-wide Cleaning Protocols

A comprehensive, enhanced cleaning plan is in place and tailored to permitted campus use and on-campus population size. It includes routine cleaning the community is familiar with, along with many additional measures put in place to address the current conditions. This plan has been developed in conjunction with many departments across campus to address issues common across campus spaces and particular needs specific to individual areas.

During the pandemic, Pepperdine University is providing enhanced cleaning, which includes an additional 8 AM to 5 PM cleaning presence throughout the campus. This enhanced cleaning supplements the daytime and overnight cleaning shifts that were in place prior to the pandemic. Enhanced cleaning procedures include routine cleaning and sanitizing of high-touch areas. These cleaning protocols follow all relevant CDC and other health and safety guidelines. All cleaning products are EPA approved.

The University's custodial staff disinfects campus-wide high-frequency touchpoints daily. This includes door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, grab bars, drinking fountains, water refill stations, public area counters and tables, light switches, keypads, and restroom fixtures. It also includes high-frequency touchpoints within office suites, indoor and outdoor common spaces, and student residential spaces.

Disinfectant materials are provided within each classroom for more frequent disinfection by faculty and students, including disinfection before and after use. Hand sanitizer is broadly available in common areas, entry and exit points, and all throughout campus. More in-depth information about the University's cleaning protocols in academic, administrative, and athletic spaces can be found in the campus cleaning scope guidelines.

Departmental Responsibilities

Departments are responsible for implementing supplemental cleaning measures for all shared areas and surfaces, including any meeting spaces, breakrooms, and common areas they normally maintain. Special attention should be paid to high touch points in these areas, including but not limited to copiers, shared office supplies, door handles, microwaves, and other frequently touched surfaces. Individuals assigned to cleaning should do so during working hours and will be compensated for this time as part of their regular scope of work.

Departments may reference the protocols the University has developed for shared spaces to provide a base for their own individual cleaning protocols. Each area can adopt the guidance for their own unique and specific needs and equipment. Departments should, at minimum, follow the shared spaces cleaning instructions for the following spaces:

Each department will receive a supply of cleaning and disinfecting materials for use as needed throughout the semester. Cleaning supplies include disinfectant spray and paper towels and can be obtained from Warehouse Services through the University’s internal requisition form This includes our satellite graduate campus locations. Departments are responsible for utilizing and making these supplies available in common areas as appropriate.

 If other cleaning products are purchased beyond the University-provided supply, they should be EPA approved and always be used according to directions on the label. Each employee should be assigned their own tools, equipment, and defined workspace to the greatest extent possible.

Employee Responsibilities

Each employee will receive a welcome bag after their return to campus, which will include supplies for personal use.

Cleaning items the employee would like to use outside of those provided by the University and the department may be purchased at the employee's expense. If other cleaning products are purchased beyond the University-provided supply, they should be EPA approved and always be used according to directions on the label.

In addition to the University cleaning provided, employees are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their personal workspaces to meet their own individual comfort levels, and following cleaning product instructions for use. Sharing of workspaces and held items, such as pens and tape dispensers, is discouraged.

Disinfection of installed partitions is a shared responsibility between the University and the end-user of that space. For your safety, and to preserve the structural integrity of plexiglass installations at counters and desks, please do not touch or attempt to clean the plexiglass partitions. Our custodial staff has been trained on how to safely clean and disinfect these partitions, and they will be doing so as needed. Faculty members using classroom partitions may clean them before and after use with the disinfectant spray provided in their classroom. Cleaning products provided to classrooms and workspaces by the University will be approved for use on plexiglass partitions. University custodial staff will disinfect classroom partitions each evening.

Depending on an employee's role or work setting, a department or manager may require employees to adhere to additional safety measures beyond those outlined above. Prior to returning, employees are encouraged to reach out to supervisors to confirm the cleaning and disinfecting protocols for individual areas.

Please direct any questions to the University's COVID-19 info line at 310.506.8111 or visit Pepperdine's coronavirus page.

Student Residences

The University will continue daily and weekly cleaning services in the student residence halls and will add services to student apartment complexes.  Custodians remove trash from common spaces in all areas, clean public restrooms, and vacuum the residence hall lobby and corridors on a daily basis. Private restrooms will be cleaned twice per week and living areas vacuumed three days per week.

Enhanced cleaning protocols have also been implemented to disinfect touch points daily in residence halls and apartments with more than one occupant, as well as residential common areas on weekends. Touchpoints include faucets, stall latches, light switches, door handles, drinking fountains, door faces, keypads, handrails, and vending or laundry machine buttons.

On-campus student residents will be provided disinfectant cleaning supplies to support additional disinfection in their residence hall or apartment living space. Students will be asked to support cleaning and disinfection by maintaining clean restrooms and common area surfaces with cleaning supplies provided by the University.

Learn more about Facilities Services cleaning protocols for residential housing spaces, including how each space is cleaned and how often each is cleaned.

For questions, please contact the COVID-19 Information Line at covid19info@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.8111.