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Pepperdine Restoration Plan



Gatherings and Events

At this time, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health determines whether large gatherings and events can be held and the maximum number of people allowed to attend. Currently, gatherings of people who are not part of a single household or living unit are prohibited except for limited purposes specifically identified by local and state guidance. As these orders are relaxed, the University will operate in compliance with the limitations established. University communications noting these changes will be shared with the University community and posted to the University's Emergency Information Page.


Pepperdine has installed physical barriers, such as sneeze guards and partitions, particularly in areas where it is difficult for individuals to remain at least six feet apart, seeking to meet the specific needs of various campus areas and stakeholders while ensuring a consistent and standard application across campuses.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, customer service or reception areas may have plastic barriers installed to limit contact between employees and visitors. However, physical barriers do not alleviate the University from the current physical distancing and face covering requirements.

Based on these guidelines, University plexiglass partitions have been installed in the following areas:

  1. Customer service, transaction, and reception areas where frequent, in-person interactions occur throughout the day
  2. Areas where faculty provide instruction in classrooms

Disinfection of installed partitions will be a shared responsibility between the University and the end user of that space. Refer to the University's cleaning plan summary for more information.

For questions, please contact the COVID-19 Information Line at covid19info@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.8111.


Common Spaces/Outdoor Areas

Social distancing guidelines and the related need to limit indoor gatherings will be enforced. No outdoor events will be allowed unless specifically permitted under Los Angeles County Public Health Orders. There will, however, be some appropriately spaced outdoor seating. Extra outdoor furniture will be placed in locations such as Alumni Park, Joslyn Plaza, and the residential community. For questions, please contact the COVID-19 Information Line at covid19info@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.8111.


Quarantine and Isolation


Quarantine: Quarantine refers to separating people who have been, or may have been, exposed to COVID-19, but are not showing signs of illness.

Isolation: Medical isolation refers to confining a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case to prevent contact with others and to reduce the risk of transmission.

As part of our comprehensive infection control plan, Pepperdine has secured scalable quarantine and isolation space sufficient to support outbreaks in our campus population throughout the academic year and, in particular, in the event of positive COVID-19 cases. The University's plan addresses facilities, medical care, transportation, academic support, food and supplies delivery, and mental and spiritual counseling.

Quarantine and Isolation for On-Campus Residential Students

If, through the University's detailed contact tracing program, a residential student is determined to be a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, but tests negative and is showing no signs of illness, that student will be assigned to self-quarantine in a designated quarantine space either on or off campus. If, during self-quarantine, a student shows symptoms of illness or tests positive for COVID-19, the student will transfer to an on-campus isolation space for monitoring and additional medical care as needed. If sick or while awaiting test results, students will be assigned to isolation spaces on campus located in newly retrofitted spaces and the University's on-campus hotel.


Pepperdine will provide appropriate transportation for residential students to and from quarantine and isolation locations.

Care and Support During Isolation and Quarantine

The Student Health Center will coordinate the appropriate level of care to address student health needs, dependent on medical condition and student preference, as identified by a patient survey. Services available include medical check-in and treatment, food delivery, Student Care Team case management, assistance with academic arrangements, telehealth counseling and spiritual counseling, and other reasonable requests.

Quarantine for Students Living Off Campus

Whether living on or off campus, a student's well-being, medical support, and academic support are Pepperdine's top priorities. The University will support off-campus students with medical care and academic assistance. Students living off campus will be responsible for quarantining or isolating in their residences as appropriate (not on campus), or moving to alternative space.

Quarantine for Students Arriving from International Locations

Learn more about quarantine for international students under the Housing Plan.

Quarantine for Staff and Faculty

The University will require staff and faculty to adhere to quarantine and isolation mandates but will not dictate location. Individuals should quarantine at their primary residence or an off-campus location of their choosing. On-campus options outside of one's primary residence will not be available.

For questions, please contact the COVID-19 Information Line at covid19info@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.8111.


Face Coverings/Social Distancing Policies

Face Coverings

The primary role of a face covering is to reduce the release of infectious particles into the air when someone speaks, coughs, or sneezes, including someone who may have COVID-19 but still feels well. However, there is evidence that face coverings also protect the wearer. Cloth face coverings are not a substitute for physical distancing, washing hands, or staying home when ill, but they may be helpful when combined with these primary interventions.

A cloth face covering is a material that covers the nose and mouth. Keeping both the nose and mouth covered is important, and coverings can be secured to the head with ties or straps or simply wrapped around the lower face.

University Policy

Pepperdine’s face covering policy aligns with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the California Department of Public Health, Cal/OSHA, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health as of July 18, 2021. 

  • Face coverings are not required outdoors.
  • Face coverings are required for everyone regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status, in the following settings:

    • On public transit (University shuttles, buses, vans, ride shares)
    • In compliance with the Day Camp Protocols
    • Healthcare settings
    • Emergency shelters
    • Indoor public settings, including

      • Residence Halls. Individuals sharing suites or apartments may be considered a household and are not required to wear face coverings while in their "home" area, but should wear face coverings when exiting their suite/apartment in public areas of the resident halls.
      • Classes. Face coverings are required for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status.
      • Dining Halls. Face coverings are required for all individuals until seated and unless eating or drinking.
      • Workplaces. Face coverings are required for all individuals regardless of vaccination status, unless alone in an office.

Social Distancing

University Policy

Social distancing is no longer required on Pepperdine campuses in Southern California, except in limited workplace settings in compliance with Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards, at athletics events in compliance with NCAA guidance, and at international campuses in compliance with local regulations. 

For questions, please contact the COVID-19 Information Line at covid19info@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.8111.

Enforcement of All Policies

Pepperdine will inform all members of the community about the University's COVID-19 policies. This will happen through various communication channels. Adherence to COVID-19 related policies is a personal demonstration of individual commitment to the health and safety of Pepperdine and our surrounding community. Each member of the community will be expected to comply with University policies, cooperate with University directives, and abide by local health guidance when off-campus.

Faculty and staff will be encouraged to respond to students who are not cooperating with the directions through a graduated approach from proactive expectation settings, reminders, and documentation of repeated non-compliance for review by Community Standards to calling DPS for defiant or disruptive responses.