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Pepperdine Restoration Plan



Student Health Center Treatment

The Student Health Center (SHC) will continue to provide medical care to the student population during the 2020-2021 academic year. Providers are available and prepared to diagnose and treat students who may have COVID-19 in addition to usual services offered. To maintain a safe environment and prevent patient overcrowding, students should call the SHC before arrival. Those with respiratory symptoms will be directed to a different medical tent outside of the SHC separate from other patients and designated for screening. Students diagnosed or who have a presumed diagnosis of COVID-19 will be interviewed for contact tracing and will be given appropriate quarantine or isolation directions.

Any students in isolation and/or quarantine are checked regularly by SHC providers who facilitate delivery of medical supplies as needed. Additional assessment and/or treatments are administered via room visits by medical staff with appropriate PPE. If a higher level of care (e.g. hospitalization) is needed, the SHC will assist with the appropriate arrangements.


Counseling Services

The Counseling Center anticipates that many students will return to campus with needs for support stemming from their experience of current events (e.g., anxiety, grief, and trauma related to COVID-19). Counselors are preparing to respond to those concerns as well as other mental health concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, and emotional regulation).

Due to the needs to practice social distancing and wear face coverings, the Counseling Center’s services, including individual and group counseling, crisis support, outreach and consultation, will be available primarily through telehealth and other digital platforms.

Students can make appointments by calling or visiting the Counseling Center website. For after hours or crisis support, calling the center will connect a student with a counselor.

For questions, please contact the COVID-19 Information Line at covid19info@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.8111.


Student Care Team

The Student Care Team (SCT) continues to operate. To maintain social distancing, the SCT case managers will meet with students primarily via Zoom to assess their situations and coordinate support on a case by case basis. The SCT will work in partnership with all relevant departments to best support student needs.

Through Student Emergency Funds, CARES Funds, and the Student Relief and Recovery Fund, the SCT will continue to provide emergency support to students who experience an acute financial hardship due to COVID-19-related expenses. Students will also be referred to food cabinets for immediate grocery needs. For situations that require longer term financial support, students will be referred to the financial aid office of their respective schools.

Students needing assistance with COVID-19 health related challenges will be referred to the Student Health Center for testing and/or treatment. If there are academic concerns (e.g., when a student is missing class due to being in quarantine or isolation), the SCT will ensure the appropriate academic notification is made. If accommodations are requested, the student will be referred to the Office of Student Accessibility.

Students who contact the SCT with housing-related concerns will be referred to Housing and Residence Life. Students with off-campus housing concerns will work with a case manager to receive limited assistance with housing/rental resources. The SCT case manager will also work with the appropriate associate dean to provide support for commuter students.

The SCT will partner with OISS to address international students’ needs concerning visas and other documentation as needed.

For questions, please contact the COVID-19 Information Line at covid19info@pepperdine.edu or 310.506.8111.