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Seaver College COVID-19 Updates

Seaver College is implementing plans to address COVID-19 for the fall 2020 semester in coordination with the Pepperdine Restoration Plan. Additional information will be shared by the school as it becomes available.

Latest Updates from Dean Feltner



  Remote Instruction

If I have questions regarding my classes, who should I contact?

Please contact your professor(s) via email. Contact information for each professor is provided on the class syllabus and is also available on each school's website.

What is the method for class instruction in fall 2020?

In response to the changing COVID-19 pandemic and guidance from the State of California and L.A. County Public Health, all Seaver College courses in the fall 2020 semester will be delivered through remote/online instruction. 

What if I am having trouble connecting to online classes?

If your challenge has to do with your Internet connection, please complete this Internet Support Request. If it's something else, complete the Seaver College Student Academic Challenges form. Your information will go directly to the office of the dean of Seaver College. We will contact you as quickly as possible. Know that the college is committed to ensuring that every student has the resources needed to learn and succeed during this time of online instruction.

Will the content covered in final exams still be the same?

The content of finals and other assignments will be determined by each professor. Final exams for the fall 2020 semester will be conducted on November 20, 21, 23, and 24. Please review the final exam schedule for details. 

What about the change-of-final-exam form?

The same guidelines and deadlines for submitting a change of final exam request apply. To submit a request, complete the Change of Final Exam form

What about assigned group projects? How should we meet with our group?

If group projects are part of your course, your professor will advise you on how these will be handled. If you wish to organize study groups for a course, a convenient way to do so is to use the Navigate app's Study Buddies feature. Students can also use Zoom to initiate group meetings or study sessions.

How will laboratory, studio, performance, or other types of classes that are not lecture-based be delivered remotely?

Each of these types of courses poses different challenges. You will receive communication from your professor(s) about how each course will be handled.

How can I complete my convocation credit requirement for Seaver 200?

Convocation credit is now complete for all students enrolled in the spring 2020 semester, resulting in a grade of "A." Some club convos may choose to continue to meet remotely. Check with your club convo leader about plans.

I am a Seaver College graduate student. Will there be changes to the comprehensive exam or thesis process?

Deadlines related to completing your degree will remain the same. Your comprehensive exam may be in person or remote depending on your circumstances and those of your committee. Contact your program director early to determine the best course forward. The process and schedule for your thesis will stay the same. Your defense may be in person or remote depending on your circumstances and those of your committee. Contact your program director early to determine the best course forward.

What should I do about my internship?

Connect with your faculty member right away to discuss options. 

I am part of the faculty-student mentor program. Will I be expected to continue this work?

You are not obligated to continue this work. However, if your faculty mentor is able and willing to continue the mentorship through remote meetings and work, you may continue. Direct these questions to your faculty mentor. Hours would be submitted through Kronos and the Seaver Dean's Office Google form as usual.

Will the semester academic calendar change?

The fall 2020 semester academic calendar is finalized and unchanged from prior guidance. The first day of classes is August 17. During the semester, classes will proceed without a travel break and conclude on Thursday, November 19. Final exams will be conducted on November 20, 21, 23, and 24. Please review the final exam schedule for details. 

The spring 2021 semester will begin on February 8, proceeding without a spring break, end on May 20, and conclude with the commencement ceremony on May 22. As the fall semester approaches, we will continue to update you as we finalize the spring 2021 academic calendar and our plans for the summer 2021 sessions.

This revised academic calendar minimizes student travel between semesters, limits travel during the academic semesters, and allows residential students to be away from campus from late November to early February during the cold and flu season. The slightly delayed start to the spring semester hopefully also provides time for the development and implementation of effective COVID-19 treatment and vaccination programs.

I am a Seaver College student who is enrolled in the conflict management certificate program with the Caruso School of Law. What does this change mean for those classes?

Students enrolled in this program will receive direct communication from the School of Law.

I do not have access to WiFi at my permanent residence. Are there connectivity resources available? 

Yes. Review the list of providers below who are offering specials during the COVID-19 emergency. 

  • AT&T: Unlimited data to existing customers, $10/month plans for low-income families
  • Charter: Free internet for two months
  • Comcast: Free WiFi for two months to low-income families
  • Sprint: Unlimited data to existing customers, free hot-spot feature for 60 days
  • T-Mobile: Unlimited data to existing customers

    *List adapted from Colorado College.
  Campus Resources and Academic Support

What are the housing policies?

At this time, on-campus housing is suspended and all fall contracts and room assignments are cancelled. Further action from students is not required, the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions are annulled for the fall 2020 semester. Students are not required to pay the balance.

A limited number of students will be permitted to live on campus in fall 2020, if granted an exception due to compelling hardships. Students interested in appealing for an exception to live on campus should complete this form. Please note that students pursuing an exception will be charged the standard 

fall rates for room and board.

HRL anticipates the return to on-campus housing occupancy for the spring 2021 semester. However, guidance may require limitations to the numbers of students residing on campus. For this reason, Housing and Residence Life will provide updated information on spring 2021 semester on-campus housing as plans develop. 


For students who remain on campus, will dining services be available?

The hours and services above are subject to change, and community members are encouraged to review the Pepperdine Dining Services website regularly.

For students who remain on campus, will campus security be available?

Yes, Public Safety will continue its normal security practices.

Where else can I receive academic support?

If you need academic support beyond what professors, divisions, or various support offices are able to provide, please complete the Seaver College Student Academic Support form. Your information will go directly to the dean's office, and we'll be in touch with you.

How can I access library resources?

Pepperdine Libraries is excited to support students, faculty, and staff as we adapt to this online semester. Although the library buildings are closed, there are numerous online services available for teaching and learning remotely. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact a librarian through online chat or email.


Will the Writing Center continue to provide support to students?

Yes, the center will continue to offer writing support services remotely for the remainder of the academic year. If you need assistance, fill out the online form which is available at the Writing Center website.

Will the Seaver College Student Success Center continue to offer tutoring?

Yes. The Student Success Center is offering a full schedule of group and one-on-one tutoring through Zoom, as well as academic coaching sessions. Visit the Seaver Student Success Center website for the latest information. Their website also has great tips for online learning.

I am a graduating senior and need support in career advice. Do I still have access to Seaver College's Career Services?

Yes. Services are available for all students. We are here to help you make progress on your career goals. Contact the Career Center via email or visit the Career Center website.

What if I have specific academic challenges not addressed by the information above?

If your challenge relates to a specific course, please contact that professor directly. If your challenge is broader than one course or you feel you need additional assistance, please let the Seaver Dean's Office know by completing the Seaver College Student Academic Challenges form. We will reach out to you as quickly as we are able.


I currently receive accommodations through the Office of Student Accessibility (OSA). How will I receive my accommodations during remote classes and assessments?

For notetaking, please check your Note-taker Network. Notify the note-taking services coordinator immediately if you are not receiving notes. For exams, please work with your professor(s) as assessment information is discussed. If you would like OSA to resend a copy of your accommodation letter to your professor(s), please send the names of your instructor(s) and classes to the Office of Student Accessibility

  Academic Policy

The following information provides guidance on academic policies and actions you may be considering. Please reach out to OneStop or your faculty advisor if you have additional questions.


To receive an incomplete:

  • A student must have attended class and completed all work and assignments, but because of a documented emergency in the last quarter of the term, fails to complete required coursework.
  • The incomplete must be approved by OneStop and a contract must be developed with the course professor.
  • If a student is granted an incomplete, they must complete all remaining coursework by the date indicated in the contract and no later than the end of the spring semester. All incomplete grades will default to an F if the work is not completed in accordance with the contract and the incomplete policy in the Seaver College Academic Catalog.

When is an Incomplete inappropriate?

When it is necessary for a student to attend a major portion of the class when it is next offered. The Incomplete Form and instructions are available on the Registrar's website.

Withdrawal/Dropping Courses

What is the process for a student to withdraw from an individual class in Fall 2020?

  • Through October 12, students may withdraw from one or more classes with a grade of W by contacting OneStop from their Pepperdine email.
  • Through November 10, students may withdraw from one or more classes for and receive either a grade of WP or WF. See the "Withdrawal from Courses" section (page 72) of Seaver College Academic Catalog for more information.
  • Students should check with an aid counselor before withdrawing from a course, as withdrawal may affect a student's eligibility for financial aid.

 Will there be any changes to the probation and dismissal process?

Probation and dismissal processes and policies will not change (see page 73 of the Seaver College Academic Catalog). However, individual student situations, for those students impacted by the disruption, will be reviewed by the Seaver Credits Committee, the Registrar's Office and the Seaver Dean's Office.

  International Students

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) withdrew the requirement necessitating all international students to enroll in a mixture of in-person and online courses if residing in the United States. For this reason, international students who are already in the US should not be affected by the University's decision to begin the fall semester using online delivery of all courses. However, it is unlikely that new international students will be able to enter the US and continuing students may face issues returning. Further guidance from ICE is anticipated in the coming days and will be posted via the Office of International Student Services (OISS).

We are unsure at this time if the SEVIS record of international students who choose not to return to the US and enroll in online courses will remain active. Consequently, these students may be required to obtain a new SEVIS record and I-20 from the OISS and pay a new SEVIS fee prior to the semester of their return.

  Video Conferencing

Can I share a Zoom session link with others?

Treat the Zoom session as a private event and share the Zoom meeting link only with the intended participants. Participants should not share the link publicly or with others who do not need to be in the meeting. Participants are also advised to not post the meeting link in social public forums. Faculty are encouraged to post the meeting link in their institutional learning management system for students to access.

How can I prevent "Zoombombing" during a Zoom session?

Some universities and school districts are reporting inappropriate and offensive activities known as Zoombombing, where unwanted participants enter the Zoom meeting room and screen-share and/or proceed to say or write very offensive things. Zoombombing can usually be prevented by following these best practices:

  • Assign screen sharing ability only to the host. In Zoom, click the upward arrowhead (^) next to Share | Advanced Sharing Options | Only Host.
  • Mute participants upon entry and disable their ability to unmute themselves. In Zoom, click Manage Participants | the "More" button and check both "Mute Participants On Entry" and "Allow participants to unmute themselves."
  • Allow participants to chat with the host only. In Zoom, click Chat | the "ellipsis" button and check "Host only."

What do I do if I experience offensive or disruptive activity during a Zoom session?

Zoombombing can happen in Zoom or any other video conferencing solution. If you experience such activities, please report the incident as soon as possible to a member of the University IT staff.


Student-athletes will be receiving an update from the Athletics department concerning return to campus protocols and timeline. All questions regarding athletics should be directed to your coach or the Athletics department staff.


Seaver College and Pepperdine University recognize that many of our students and their families have been affected significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our institution and our people have experienced these same negative effects. At the same time, our commitment to providing each student a premier educational and residential experience of his or her choosing during the pandemic has required significant institutional investment beyond a normal academic year. After considered deliberation, Seaver College's tuition will remain unchanged from the previously published amount of $28,875 in the fall semester. The Student Government Association Campus Life Fee—which supports Inter Club Council, Student Government Association, Student Programming Board, Student Wellness Advisory Board, as well as on- and off-campus programming—will be $63 in the fall 2020 semester.

To support students and families during this unprecedented time, the University has an appeal process for those with documented special circumstances. For more information on how to submit an appeal for additional financial assistance toward tuition costs review the Special Circumstances page.

  January 2021 Winter Session

Seaver College plans to leverage the extended winter break and offer a four-week intensive January session. This session will begin on January 4 and conclude on January 29, 2021. At this time, our plan is to offer only online courses during the January session; however, conditions permitting, we hope to be able to offer some in-person classes, as well as study abroad, undergraduate research, internship, and other similar special programs. We will keep students updated on January session offerings as conditions change and our plans progress.

To further support students and their families, the January session will be offered with special pricing. All students who enroll in flat rate tuition in the fall semester will be able to enroll in a maximum of four (4) credit hours of classes at the rate of $250/credit hour. Due to the special pricing provided to students during the January session, additional institutional aid is unavailable, but students may qualify for federal and state aid. The college is hopeful that students use the January term to advance their academic success and maintain full progress toward degree completion.


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