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Seaver College Vaccination Policy Report

August 17, 2021

I am pleased to report that 99.6% of all Seaver College students are now fully compliant with the University’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. We will continue to work with the very small number of students granted short-term extensions in the coming days and reach 100% compliance before the start of classes on August 30.

I am also pleased to report that, based upon examination of the vaccination data, 88.7% of all Seaver College students are fully vaccinated. This high rate of vaccination, coupled with high vaccination rates for faculty and staff, provides a strong baseline of protection for the vast majority of the college community. Stringent entry testing requirements for students and mandatory weekly screening testing for all faculty, staff, and students add an additional layer of protection for the Seaver community. Lastly, the sound measures detailed in the University's Restoration Plan—including, but not limited to, required indoor masking, improved ventilation and HVAC filtration, enhanced cleaning, and quarantine and isolation protocols—further advance community safety while ensuring readiness to respond in the case of infections. While no degree of protection can be absolute, I am confident that the response of the Seaver community and the protocols implemented by the University have prepared Seaver College to start the fall 2021 semester both successfully and safely.

During the pandemic, and especially as Pepperdine has planned and prepared for the fall semester, I have gained a renewed appreciation of the interdependent nature of our community. We stand ready to begin in-person instruction on our Malibu campus and most international program campuses due to the leadership of President Gash, the support of former Provost Marrs and Provost Brewster, the wisdom and dedication of Senior Vice President Phillips and Vice President Taylor, the heroic efforts of the Student Health Center staff led by Medical Director Dr. Larson, Director Roldan, and Vice President Horton, the sacrificial contributions of the Seaver Dean’s Office personnel, the collaboration and support of Seaver Faculty Association President Doran, and ongoing efforts of individuals far too numerous to name. Most importantly, I am grateful for our faculty, staff, and especially our students, who have led throughout the pandemic by their actions and service. The response and compliance to the vaccination policy is but the latest example of how the people of this University respond in the face of adversity. We are blessed by the presence of our neighbors in the Pepperdine community.

In closing, it is gratifying to share these results, but please do not assume that our challenges with COVID-19 are over. As we have seen in society, there will also be ebbs and flows in our battle with COVID-19 at Pepperdine. We start the semester with a positive outlook due to the responsiveness and compliance of the University community, but we will need the continued compliance and support of our community to address the challenges that come next. I am excited for the semester that awaits each of us and for the opportunity to walk alongside each of you. With unity arising from Christ, I am confident that our best days lie ahead. May God continue to grace Pepperdine and this community with his providential blessing.