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Spring 2021 Registration Information

October 16, 2020

I hope that this message finds you in good spirits, great health, and with your fall semester classes progressing positively. With registration for the spring 2021 semester approaching, I want to update you on our current plans and the registration process. As a reminder, registration for the spring semester begins on Tuesday, November 3 and concludes on Monday, November 9. You will receive information with the time and date of your specific registration appointment from OneStop in the near future.

Spring Semester Plans

At this time, we await specific guidance from the State of California and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health regarding our ability to hold classes on the Malibu campus in the spring semester. At present, Los Angeles County is classified in the "Widespread" or "Purple Tier" in the State of California Blueprint for a Safer Economy. Consequently, we are precluded from holding in-person classes and student gatherings on campus. We are hopeful that conditions will improve and that Los Angeles County will move into a lower tier on the blueprint that allows for the resumption of in-person classes, at either normal or reduced capacity, during the spring semester. However, there are still 16 weeks until the start of the spring semester. For this reason and at this time, it is prudent that we prepare multiple course delivery formats for the spring semester and announce our final decision much closer to the start of the semester.

Presently, Seaver College is planning three course delivery formats in the spring semester:

1. In-person: In this format, we will resume Seaver's traditional and desired method of delivering classes with students and professors gathered together in classrooms, studios, laboratories, etc. on one of our campuses.

2. FlexMode: If COVID-19 restrictions preclude a complete and full resumption of in-person classes, but students are permitted to reside on our Malibu and/or international program campuses, we will use five different methods to deliver spring semester classes (explained in the Delivery Methods section below).  In FlexMode, the faculty, in consultation with the college, will determine the delivery method(s) of each course. Students will then have the option to register for the delivery method of their choosing based on the options provided, if any.

3. Online: If the University is precluded from allowing students to reside on campus, it will be necessary to continue to deliver classes using the online variable (OV) delivery method in the spring semester.

It is our strong desire to resume spring semester classes in the in-person format, if possible. If that format is not an option, then we will strive to deliver courses in the FlexMode format with hopefully a significant number of classroom and mixed (hybrid) courses. If neither of the first two formats are either viable or allowed, we will be forced to offer courses online using the OV method. To maximize the likelihood that we can offer in-person or flexible format classes, Seaver College will delay its final decision on the delivery format for spring semester courses until January 2021. Seaver College and Pepperdine University are doing everything within our power to return students to campus and deliver classes in-person during the spring semester.

Delivery Methods

Two methods provide for the face-to-face delivery of classes in a classroom on a University campus.

C Classroom

Students will attend all course meetings in person in a classroom on a University campus. 

M Mixed (Hybrid)      Students will attend some of the course meetings in person in a classroom on a University campus. All remaining course meetings will be online. The faculty member will determine the breakdown of in-person versus online classes.

Classes delivered in the C and M formats will be delivered synchronously and students will be expected to attend on the days and times indicated in the Schedule of Classes.

Two modifications of the aforementioned methods provide accommodations for students who are unable to attend C or M method classes either in-person or synchronously.

Abbrev. Delivery Method Description
CV Classroom Variable Students unable to attend in-person course meetings may participate online using classroom technology. Students unable to attend class meetings synchronously will have the option to engage course material asynchronously.
MV Mixed (Hybrid) Variable Students unable to attend in-person course meetings may participate online using classroom technology. Students unable to attend class meetings synchronously will have the option to engage course material asynchronously.

Online or remote instruction will serve as the fifth method of course delivery if FlexMode is possible in the spring 2021 semester. When the online method is used, it will be provided only in a variable format to accommodate the needs of students who cannot attend online courses synchronously.

Abbrev. Delivery Method Description
Students unable to attend online class meetings synchronously will have the option to engage course material asynchronously.

Spring Registration Guidance

As you plan for registration and await a decision on delivery format, please be aware of the following:

  • For the in-person format, all courses will be delivered using either the C or CV methods.
  • In FlexMode, all five delivery methods (C, M, CV, MV, and OV) will be used.
  • In the online format, all classes will be delivered using the OV method.

If the college is operating in either the FlexMode or In-Person delivery formats in the spring semester, students planning to attend classes in person should register for either the C or M section(s) of the course, if offered. Students planning to attend the class online should register for the CV or MV section.

To determine the delivery method for spring semester classes, students must log into WaveNet. The course information is determined by viewing the class field in the spring 2020 course schedule (instructions follow). Classes will be listed using the following format:

BIOL 106.51MV
A prefix of two to four letters details the discipline, in this example Biology. A three digit number (106) appears next and indicates a specific course within each academic discipline, in this case, Principles of Biology (see Seaver College Academic Catalog). Following the decimal is a two-digit and one- or two- letter code. The numeric portion of the suffix lists the section number of each course and the letters indicate the delivery method (see previous tables).

The following instructions may be used to access the spring 2021 course schedule in WaveNet.

  1. Log into WaveNet (wavenet.pepperdine.edu) using your NetworkID and password.
  2. From the Student Center, on the Student Tab, scroll down and select the "Enrollment Shopping Cart" link from the Other Links section.
  3. Choose the correct Term (spring 2021).
  4. Search for classes by clicking the "Search" button.
  5. Click on the small down arrow next to "Class Search" to open the search menu. You will need to enter at least two search terms (e.g., BIOL 106). Select the Search button to perform your search. NOTE: Click on the Additional Search Criteria to include a more comprehensive search criteria selection.
  6. Results will appear on the next page.

International Programs

At this time, the University is doing everything possible to resume educational programs at all seven international program (IP) campuses in the spring semester. Updates on the status of each program will be provided throughout the semester, as information becomes available. Students and families may expect a decision on the status of spring semester international programs before the end of 2020. In the interim, all students registered for an international program in the spring semester should be certain to register for IP courses in the special IP registration period (October 15 and 19) as detailed in previous guidance.

International Students

Presently, immigration and travel restrictions preclude most international students from returning to Malibu to take spring semester courses in person. We remain hopeful that conditions will improve and allow for their return. For this reason, when registering for courses international students are encouraged to select the delivery method of their choosing. International students unable to return to campus for the spring semester should select the OV delivery method, if offered.


All students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration. All first-year and sophomore students must clear their registration hold by meeting with their academic advisor in advance of registration. All other holds must be cleared to enable registration.

Students should review all remaining requirements on their DAR (in WaveNet) to ensure that the classes they select will fulfill requirements.

As a reminder, students can build an academic plan and a schedule using the Academic Plan tab on the Navigate platform. Students can also schedule an appointment with their advisor using Navigate. The Navigate home page may be accessed through WaveNet.


I know that you long for certainty and a clear indication of how Seaver College will deliver its classes in the spring semester. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you that information today or even next month. At the same time, you should know that Seaver will do its very best to return students to our campuses and deliver classes in person in the spring semester. As we strive to make this outcome a reality, you may rest assured that the health, safety, and well-being of the Pepperdine community remain our highest priorities and the primary factors guiding our decision making.

I hope this information is helpful as you make important decisions regarding your academic schedule for the spring 2021 semester. Seaver College remains at the ready to support you, if you need our assistance. I wish you the very best in your fall semester classes and hope to greet you in Malibu when spring classes begin. You remain in my prayers.