Crest Advisory Board

Kevin Barry - Pepperdine University

The Crest Advisory Board is a board made up of community friends and donors who support Pepperdine University and its mission by bringing the local community and the university closer through community outreach projects and events.

The board has supported the Crest Lectures series which are free lectures given by Pepperdine professors and open to the public. In the past, they have held a free community concert, Emergency Services night (honoring emergency personnel) as well as the recent Dale Chihuly art reception at the Weisman museum.

Christine Weiss - Pepperdine University

The Crest board also supports the Pepperdine Ambassador Council (PAC) student group that serves the community and Pepperdine by their volunteer work. They mentor these students in their career exploration and financially support PAC's group efforts.

For more information on the Crest Board, please call the Crest Associate office.