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March Pool Schedule

March Facility Schedule

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Please see the Crest Newsletter or call the Crest Office at 310.506.4745 for pool updates and information.

While facility hours and availability are subject to change, we will do our best to keep this schedule updated.  Specific phone numbers to confirm hours and additional closures directly with facility:

  • Raleigh Runnels Memorial Pool 310-506-4483 / Swim lessons X6964
  • Payson Library 310-506-7273
  • Firestone Fieldhouse Weight Room 310-506-7575
  • Campus Recreation Group Fitness Classes: 310-506-4490 or visit their website.

Facilities available to Crest Associates

Weight room - Pepperdine University

Crest Associates are invited to share Pepperdine's athletic and library facilities with our students, faculty and staff.  Students are our top priority and have first consideration in the scheduling and priority use of all facilities.

Athletic and library facility hours are subject to change and we do our best to keep you informed through posting on the web, information boards and our newsletter. The only facility in which you can make reservations is the weight room for the aerobic machines.

Raleigh Runnels Memorial Pool - Pepperdine University

Crest Associates must adhere to all posted facility rules and instructions given by facility monitors and official Pepperdine personnel.  If you have questions about facility use and rules, please talk to the facility monitor or the Crest Associate director.

For any instruction at all facilities, Pepperdine instructors must be used.  Please contact the Crest office for contact names of personal trainers, tennis and swim instructors.

Crest tennis courts - Pepperdine University

Crest Associates may request and pick up complimentary guest passes for their guests from the Crest office between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Please contact the Crest office for the guest policy for the tennis courts.

We encourage you to enjoy our athletic and library facilities and come to know our Pepperdine family of students, faculty, and staff in the process!

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