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Multi-country flags displayed atop Waves Cafe

International Flags Display

The Flags in Waves Cafe

Since Pepperdine moved to the Malibu campus in 1972, the Waves Cafe has displayed a gallery of flags as a physical representation of the diversity of students at Pepperdine. The display is updated annually to represent the current student population representing the nationalities of the student body, including international students, U.S. citizens, and permanent residents who maintain foreign citizenship.

When determining eligibility for the gallery, only countries recognized by the United Nations are featured. The flags are displayed in alphabetical order according to the country's name as recognized by the United Nations.

The committee to review the flag display, the process, and any submitted petitions* is comprised of representatives from the Office of the President, Student Affairs, the Office of International Student Services, and the Planning, Operations, and Construction team.

*If a current student would like to petition for a flag to be added to the display, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at vpsl@pepperdine.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  Why are the flags hung in this specific order?

When national flags of more than one country are hung together, the display must follow a prescribed order of precedence (e.g. ordering principle, such as alphabetical) such that no one country's flag is prioritized above another. In addition, if flags from different government levels or country types are hung together, there should be distinct groupings of each type, each following a consistent order of precedence. Flag etiquette is fairly consistent across national borders, and this reliability helps to avoid offense.

  Why don't students just self-identify their country or region?

Because Pepperdine is not a governmental or diplomatic entity, it is not in a position to decide nationhood. For this reason, Pepperdine must rely on authoritative external sources, such as the United Nations and the US government, regarding official nations.

  Why are flags rehung every year?

The flag display is adjusted annually based upon the citizenship of our current students and where they obtain their visas to study in the US. Because the composition of the student body changes every year, we change the flags annually, after enrollment information from the incoming class becomes available and final.

  When are the flags rehung?

Although information about passport country and citizenship becomes finalized around November, the flags are rehung annually by mid-January to coincide with the Global Learning Week.

  What flags are currently on display?
Afghanistan  Ghana Oman
Antigua and Barbuda  Greece  Pakistan
Argentina  Guatemala Panama
Armenia  Honduras  Paraguay
Australia  Hungary  Peru
Austria  Iceland  Philippines
Azerbaijan  India  Poland
Bahamas  Indonesia  Portugal
Bahrain  Iran (Islamic Republic Of)  Qatar
Bangladesh  Iraq  Romania
Belarus  Ireland  Russian Federation
Belgium  Israel  Rwanda
Belize  Italy  Saudi Arabia
Bolivia (Plurinational State Of)  Japan  Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina  Jordan  Singapore
Brazil  Kazakhstan  South Africa
Bulgaria  Kenya  Spain
Cambodia  Republic of Korea  Sri Lanka
Canada  Kuwait Sweden
Chile  Latvia  Switzerland
China  Lebanon  Tanzania (United Republic Of)
Colombia  Lithuania  Thailand
Costa Rica  Malaysia  Togo
Cote D'Ivoire (Republic Of)  Mauritius Tunisia
Croatia  Mexico  Turkey
Cyprus  Micronesia (Federated States Of)  Turkmenistan
Czech Republic  Moldova (Republic Of)  Uganda
Denmark  Mongolia  Ukraine
Ecuador  Montenegro  United Arab Emirates
Egypt  Morocco  United Kindgom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
El Salvador  Mozambique  United States of America
Ethiopia  Myanmar  Uruguay
Finland  Nepal Uzbekistan
France  Netherlands  Venezuela
Gabon  New Zealand  Vietnam
Georgia  Nigeria Yemen
Germany  Norway  Zambia