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Seaver College Diversity Projects and Programs

Seaver College offers a variety of programs and initiatives that celebrate diversity and inclusion of students, faculty, and staff. Click each drop down to learn more. 


  Seaver Diversity Calendar

The Seaver Diversity Calendar is an effort of the Seaver Diversity Council to be a consolidated source for events on campus or in the local community related to diversity, access, or inclusion. These events are open to Seaver College students but often are also inclusive of all others at Seaver College as well. You may view the calendar, add the calendar to your Google Calendar, or submit events to be featured in the calendar.

  Multicultural Theater Project

The Multicultural Theatre Project (MTP) is a transdisciplinary, arts-based, critical pedagogy, a theatrical experience that provides an environment where students can explore the multidimensionality of diversity: intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. For more information, please contact Dr. Joi Carr, Creative/Program Director, at joi.carr@pepperdine.edu and please visit The Multicultural Theatre Project.

  Week of Peace, Hope, Justice

The week's events will include documentaries, guest speakers and displays designed to celebrate the victories of peace in the past and to educate the Pepperdine community about issues that are currently preventing peace and justice in the world. It provides a new understanding of peace, refresh the promise of hope, and provide new direction on the road to justice. For more information, please visit the Office of Intercultural Affairs.

  Social Action and Justice Colloquium

Social Action and Justice (SAAJ) Colloquia is a four-course, interdisciplinary sequence designed for students who are interested in making a difference in the world. Organized in a seminar format, the SAAJ Colloquia focuses on complex issues such as human rights, diversity, wealth and poverty, the environment, the interplay of religion and culture, and the role of the media in shaping social movements. More information

  Loqui: A Celebration of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

As an important ceremony that kicks off commencement weekend, the program highlights the vast diversity of our graduating seniors and the impact they continue to make on Seaver's campus. More information

  Year Two Malibu San Francisco Experience

Each year, Intercultural Affairs partners with faculty and staff across the Seaver campus to take 100 sophomore students to the San Francisco Bay area to explore various social movements of the 1960s and '70s. Participating students explore advocacy through a wide range of topics including women's liberation, racial justice, indigenous rights, and environmental sustainability.

  Monthly Heritage Celebrations

Intercultural Affairs celebrates a diverse array of cultures to the Malibu campus by following the federally recognized heritage months including; Hispanic Heritage Month, Filipino Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, International Women's Day and Black History Month among others.

  Mosaic Leadership Program

Intercultural Affairs oversees between 15- 20 identity-based, student-run organizations. The leaders of these organizations meet once a month for professional and leadership development on topics such as conflict resolution, networking, and mental health from a culturally informed perspective.

  Spring New Student Orientation: A Cultural Exploration of Downtown Los Angeles

At the start of the spring semester, during New Student Orientation, Intercultural Affairs takes a group of incoming students on an exploration of downtown Los Angeles to learn about the diverse cultures and peoples that call this city home.

  Implicit Bias: A Guide for Pepperdine Hiring Committees

A five-step guide on implicit bias was assembled by the Seaver Diversity Council at Pepperdine University to help faculty and staff hiring committees make equitably-informed decisions. The self-paced course can be completed in under 40 minutes. Completion of this course is required for members of faculty search committees. The intent is that each individual serving on a hiring committee at Seaver College takes the time to work through this brief material as a way of initiating a conversation on how hidden bias may affect the hiring process at Pepperdine.

  SEED at Seaver College

SEED at Seaver College is a peer-led, year-long professional development program for faculty and staff. It creates conversational communities to foster personal, organizational, and societal change toward greater equity and diversity. The facilitators for this SEED program are Seaver College faculty and staff who have created a SEED Seminar designed especially for the Seaver College community, drawing from training by the National SEED Project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity). The seminars consist of personal reflection and testimony, listening to others, and learning experientially and collectively. SEED began in the fall of 2016. For additional information on SEED, contact the Seaver Dean's Office.

  Grants for Research and Course Development
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Grant (EDI Grant): This program awards grants to Seaver College faculty for scholarship in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (EDI SURF): Supports summer research by a faculty-student team whose research falls into the category of the scholarship of equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Course Development Grants: The office of the Seaver Dean awards grants to faculty for the development of a new course in with content that directly addresses issues of diversity and/or cultural proficiency. Courses that deal with valuing and adapting to diversity, managing the dynamics of difference, and engaging barriers to cultural competence are especially encouraged.
  • Gender-Based Undergraduate Research Grants: The gender-based Academic Year Undergraduate Research Initiative (AYURI) supports a faculty-student research team whose research falls into the category of gender-related research.

Visit the faculty research resources page for more information.

  Seaver Faculty Association: Committee on Women Faculty

This sub-committee of the SFA reviews university policies and processes related to the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women faculty. It provides a forum for discussion of resources and support for women faculty and facilitates mentoring of women faculty. It provides opportunities for education and enrichment on issues related to women faculty. The committee initiated and oversees the annual Excellence in Leadership Award, presented to a woman whose academic leadership has made a significant contribution to her profession, and reviews gender-based AYURI applications.