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Pepperdine University Faculty Diversity Publications

Topic: African Americans

Holmes, D. (2007). "The Civil Rights Movement according to Crash: Complicating the Pedagogy of Integration," March 2007 in College English.

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Topic: Asians and Asian-Americans

Herschensohn, B. (2007). Taiwan: The Threatened Democracy. World Ahead Publishing.

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Evangelicalism. Social Science Research Council's Online Forums and Essays.

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Evangelicals on Campus.
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Additional works accepted for publication:

Kim, R. "Second-generation Korean American Campus Evangelicals' Ethnic Religious Participation," in David Yoo and Ruth Chung, eds., Spiritual Practices: Mapping Korean American Religions. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press.

Kim, R. "Ethnic Group Formation of Second-Generation Vietnamese American and Chinese American in the United States." Ethnicity, Equity and the Nation: The State, Development and Identity in Multi-Ethnic Societies.

Kim, R. "Asian Americans: The New Face of Evangelical Campus Ministries" (expected to be published in an edited volume on "The Changing Face of Evangelicalism" in an edited volume by Michael O. Emerson and Timothy Tseng through the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals, Wheaton College.

Kim, R. Korean Americans and Religion. Asian American History and Culture: An
New York: M.E. Sharpe Publishing Group.

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Encyclopedia. New York: M.E. Sharpe Publishing Group.

Topic: Immigration

Fetzer, J. (2006). "Why Did House Members Vote for H.R. 4437?" International
Migration Revie
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Topic: Religion as Related to Diversity

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Topic International

Long Live Democracy: The Determinants of Political Instability in Latin America, Luisa Blanco and Robin Grier, Journal of Development Studies, 2009, 45(1), 76-95.

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Topic: Women

Christine Goodman, (M)adMen: Using Persuasion Factors in Media Advertisements to Prevent a ‘Tyranny of the Majority’ in Ballot Propositions, 32 HASTINGS COMM. & ENT. L.J. 247 (2010). 

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Topic: Public Policy

Aguila, E., Angrisani, M., & Blanco, L. (2016). "Ownership of a bank account and health of older Hispanics." Economic Letters, 144, 41–44 (Blanco Lead Author).

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Additional Works on Diversity

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